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Title: What are my chances of getting my son..
Post by: dinzana on Feb 16, 2012, 01:02:57 PM
D here,

I am a devoted father of a dear 7.5 year old boy with autism. I work full-time providing for my son and wife, Maggie. I leave the house at 5:45 AM, usually get home @ 5:00 PM and spend every lasting minute with my Boy until he goes down for the night.  Maggie works part time, Monday and Saturday nights at a restaurant 2 miles from our home. She gets our dear son ready for school everyday put him on the Van at 8:00 AM and is without him until he returns at @3:15PM.

Here's the thing.  Maggie had a terrible pregnancy, postpartum depression, has had an anxiety disorder since my boy was born. She plans her day around smoking cigarettes, doing laundry and cleaning (she has OCD). She has been on 5 different medications over the years, she doesn't exercise, and she is just down right mean to me. We cannot have a conversation without her insulting me, saying her life is over, because I forced her to have a child (her words, not mine).  She will not try counseling of any kind, she sleeps a ton, she NEVER takes my son out, she barely leaves the house due to her anxiety, and she drops THIS on me last week.  "Pack up your Sh*t and Get out!". 

I have yet to honor that request, since it would be dangerous for my son to remain relatively unattended/ignored without me there. I am by no means a perfect man, but I DO respect my wife bc that is how I was brought up.  She has 0 respect/regard for anyone but herself and EVERYONE in her life feels it.  Her sister (S) is a paralegal for a divorce lawyer.....Well S gave me the names of several lawyers she has contact with bc S knows my wife is teetering on the edge and will not do anything to help herself. 

Anyone out there in a similar situation? Am I within my rights to tell my wife SHE has to leave?  I just don't think it would be a good idea to leave my son living with her alone.  The way I see it, one of two things would be wife would leave and have visitation or my wife would GET SOME freaking help... right?
Title: Re: What are my chances of getting my son..
Post by: ocean on Feb 16, 2012, 03:59:53 PM
Does she have a dr that is prescribing meds? Call that dr and let them know what is going on and if they can talk to her and maybe change meds again.
Are you saying HER sister is helping you? Just make sure she is and that you are not telling her things to help her sister....If she really is helping you, go see one for advice. Usually it is free or small fee for one hour.

You can not kick her out unless she did something and police were called. Just like she can not force you out.

You can start preparing though, pay off bills in your name, close joint accounts to take your name off them. Open your own account different bank. Do you have proof of her medical condition? Diagnosis codes, letters, bills. List of her medications.

You can get some numbers of therapists ready, go to lawyer, have them get you emergency temp custody of child due to child's special needs, and mother not taking meds and following dr orders. Do you have someone ready to do after care? Can child stay in after school program until you can pick him up? What would the plans be for before care?

It will be hard if she fights you but if it went all the way to trial, you can ask for evaluations on both of you and see what it hers comes out with. Does she have the money for a lawyer, will her sister help her?
Title: Re: What are my chances of getting my son..
Post by: Spaceman1982 on Feb 17, 2012, 04:14:11 PM
for arguments sake ocean.....could she say she is a stay at home mom and he needs to provide her for her attorney??
Title: Re: What are my chances of getting my son..
Post by: ocean on Feb 17, 2012, 04:25:41 PM
Family court here does not give lawyers for free easily and when they do, they have to qualify (she may if she does not work) and get one through the courts. The courts would give her one, not the ex. Now if it was divorce court here, ex may have to pay for each other. Weird animal family court is....and so different between states and judges.
Title: Free Home Study for state to state custody hearing .
Post by: danzion777 on Mar 13, 2012, 11:35:45 AM
I reside in Wesley Chapel , Fl .  I'm seeking any helpful information or suggestions on how I would be able to obtain a ( free ) Home Study , for a custody hearing in Washington D.C. concerning my 13 year old daughter . A Home Study has been ordered by the Judge in Washington D.C. for my place of residence here in Wesley Chapel , FL. before court proceedings can resume . The judge has informed me that Washington D.C. has no funds to pay for the  Home study since I reside in the State of Florida , and has tried to get the fee waived with no success . So I am own my own to pay for this Home study which I have learned cost between $500 - $ 900 dollars .  I am a full time student and unemployed . Also I am unable to borrow any amount of money from any one I know or any loan businesses .  Thank  you for any helpful information , - - 
Title: Re: What are my chances of getting my son..
Post by: Kitty C. on Mar 13, 2012, 01:49:49 PM
Danzion, it would be more helpful to you if you posted this as a new will get more readers that way and possibly more help, too.