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Title: I have a problem what can be done?
Post by: shellcode on Aug 04, 2012, 06:26:57 PM
Me and my ex have a 6 year old daughter,i have her every 2 weeks for the summer and does the mom, she has physical custody, and i have every other weekend visit when school starts, and we have joint legal custody.So we had a lil dispute today, and i i told her im going to get my daughter monday, cuz the mom works so she stays with her grandfather, cuz is my time to get her and she telling me No, i have to wait to wait til she come back at 9pm there no set time on the agreement in the court order,than she tells me nobody going to be home and saying her father ain't going to let me in like she being a jerk! should i call the cops? or take her back to court? cuz we did had a big custody battle, she has a history of violated visits.... any help would be appreciate...