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Title: Taking away non-biological father's rights
Post by: boopus on Aug 19, 2013, 09:07:09 PM
I am a grandparent that has full custody of my 3 year old grand child . My daughter has been married to this man for 12 years . They had separated and she lived with another man  , then she got back with husband found out she was with child . We did the math and sure enough this baby was not her husbands .  Well his name is on the birth certificate  , which makes him the father . Well they have been living apart for almost 3 years now . This baby will soon be 4 and has been with me and my husband since he was 2  . We did not ask for Child support . I was awarded custody 9 months ago , he has called twice in 9 months the day after he called demanding to talk to "his" son He was busted for cocaine . He will not work . He has never provided a home . always having to move for non payment of rent . I want ALL HIS RIGHTS TAKEN FROM HIM .!!!! Can any one PLEASE give me some advice where to start ? :'( He is worthless and only treated this baby bad ... beat my daughter multiple times in front of this sweet baby . Neither one ever could give my baby a stable home  . HELP PLEASE .