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Title: Relocation with Minor Child
Post by: esmerelda0726 on Aug 28, 2015, 08:27:13 AM
I am a divorced mother of a 5-year old.  I am the physical custodial parent.  I recently had my relocation hearing and was denied.  Instead of addressing my relocation issues, my ex-husband added - and was allowed to add - a request for change in custody of our child.  Instead of hearing my reasons for relocation, we addressed custody.  Change of custody was denied, as well as my relocation.  I have no family in Indiana, therefore, no one to care for me when I am sick or in need of assistance.  My attorney laid down.  Please - someone who has been through this with success, give me some much needed advise on how to proceed.  I don't have the funds for more attorneys so I am feeling quite lost.  Please help.