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Title: Getting school records and other records discretely?
Post by: 23ncp on Mar 20, 2017, 04:21:33 PM
I am trying to build a defense against something I figure that CP may be trying to do. I'd like to know if any law e.g. FERPA gives me the right to private teleconferences with the teacher. I'd also like access to my child's driving record...but I am afraid that the DMV will send the information to CP's house blowing my case.

Everytime I call the school, they notify CP as if I am an alien.....but the sky has fallen for years on end at the school concerning my child and I am never notified.

Any ideas on being discrete? I'd hate to ask them to be discrete and then have them tell the CP.

I have so called "shared parental responsibility", but the CP threatens to take me to court if I do anything against their wishes and the judge is always on CP's side.

I am thousands of miles away from that State's DMV and child's school. This must be done telephonically. The principal is super nasty with me.

Thanks for any advice!

Title: Re: Getting school records and other records discretely?
Post by: ocean on Mar 20, 2017, 06:00:10 PM
Have you tried the individual teachers? Ask them if they had a parent teacher conference recently and can they share with you what it was about since the mother in not too cooperative. Usually high schools have online parent access. Call the school and ask for the ID and password so you have access to grades and attendance daily. If not, go over principal head to the superintendent of schools. Explain that you are the father and under federal law have the same educational rights as mother. There is a letter on this site you can tweek.

Driving record, what info do you want from it? Any active court cases may be online. DMV would prob only send it to the address on the license so prob not.
Title: Re: Getting school records and other records discretely?
Post by: 23ncp on Mar 20, 2017, 06:27:05 PM
Thanks for taking a stab at it. The individual teachers have email addresses. I might leverage that or I might stay quiet. I have used the letter on the site and modified it over time and it has worked just fine. The only problem is that the teachers tend to run to CP like my contacting them is a fraud alert on a credit report lol!

I like the superintendent idea! By the time it trickles down, they might respect my privacy concern. The CP has a right to privacy every day they exist. Why can't I....just for a moment you know?

DMV....CP might be trying to get post majority support asserting that the child is mentally ill. I think that any records I can obtain before my child turns 18 might help to show that child isn't mentally ill. CP has the backing of a corrupt psychologist unfortunately. An ounce of prevention now might assist before it becomes too late! There are 3rd party proxies that can provide that information, but I don't know if they can give me that information with just the SS# and DOB. I guess that I'll be finding out soon!

Thank you.
Title: Re: Getting school records and other records discretely?
Post by: MixedBag on Mar 21, 2017, 06:09:45 AM
In high conflict situations, I never advise phone calls.

Emails, maybe....too easy to hit the forward button.

I recommend written request.

I recommend you do what you think is necessary before the child turns 18....because too many agencies draw the line there.

I also recommend using the chain of command -- go above their heads when there is no cooperation.  Yes, I wrote the State of WV Board of Education once -- when the principal was spouting phrases that my EX used, her husband was the County Superinendent, so I had to go above him.  That meant state.  After I did that -- I didn't have a problem.  They shut up.