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Title: Travelling outside the country with the child
Post by: alexmat1 on Sep 11, 2019, 02:27:10 PM
Hello all,
I am a Father who has minor custody (on weekends) with the mother sharing the major part of the custody. I am not a US Citizen and is a Resident now. Mother is a US citizen. All my family lives in another country and I would like to take my child on a vacation outside of the US to this country. To all those who been through this, this country is a non Hague country. Mother refuses to let me travel with the child citing that I wont come back or I might kidnap the child although I have cooperated respectfully with the custody rules so far. Child is 5 years old.

Has anyone been in such situation, were you able to achieve this through the courts ? Are courts sympathetic to Fathers need to take an international vacation with the child. Are there any bonds I can execute to proove to the court that I will come back ?

Title: Re: Travelling outside the country with the child
Post by: ocean on Sep 11, 2019, 03:58:55 PM
Hi,You would have to ask for a change in visitation to include a specific vacation. Something like: "father would like to bring child on vacation to xxx for xx days next summer. He is willing to give the mother/courts full itenrary with flight information, daily access to child by phone/facetime. This would be in the best interests of child to see father's family. Mother will give father passport for this trip.
Not sure if you will win this but you can file yourself usually without court fees at the family court where your papers were filed the very first time. Good luck!