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Title: Being punished for being mentally ill
Post by: babydiamond1 on Sep 27, 2020, 06:15:28 PM
I am new to VA from NJ. I have been driving over 350 miles each way for the past 3 years on supervised visits because I was hospitalized 3 times within that timeframe. I have never abused nor neglected my children but my sister now claims that she is afraid of me so the children can't come to my apt in VA. I have never done anything to her since we had an altercation that she started  4 years ago and reported it as domestic violence in order to relocate my children 1 year after the event. She dropped the restraining order after she was awarded the relocation but I am wondering now will I ever get unsupervised parenting time especially since I was just hospitalized in late July- August 10, 2020.