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Title: It just keeps getting better and better...
Post by: dontunderstand on Aug 12, 2005, 09:59:15 PM
So today we go to get SD after the week long vacation last week and I tell you it just keeps getting better and better.;(  She lives in a house turned four plex so when we came through the front door someone closed her apt. door and locked the locks.  DH knocks and waits about 2-3 min.  Finally SD answers the door and just stares at us.  BM comes up behind her and says, "Can I help you?"  DH: "I am here to pick up SD name"  BM actually says "No you can't have her 3 weekends we start over"  I said, " Last week was our week plus weekend" (summer vacation per PP) So we had her for the weekend then our week and weekend and then this SHOULD BE our weekend.  She repeats herself again and then I told DH let's just go we will just call our attorney....No where in our PP does it say "after your week we start weekends all over again"  She has SD 51 weeks a year, what the H@^*?

Then DH went to Dept of licensing to see if her license is suspended.  This crazy lady has 27 OPEN UNPAID TRAFFIC TICKETS and 3 more still pending court and her license is NOT suspended.  I am talking about hit and run, DWLS, false reporting, like 8 driving with no insurance, etc...
How is that when I had 1 ticket they threated to suspend my license if I didn't pay the stupid ticket.

Oh AND we FINALLY got the police report from the false report she filed in May.  It says EVERYTHING we said and that what she reported COULD NOT be possible! ( Oh she said DH "beat her almost unconcious" hahaha, officer said she had a small abrasion on her forehead and if he would have committed "the brutal beatting that she described...she would have more than a small abrasion"   Can you say harrassment?  
Title: RE: It just keeps getting better and better...
Post by: DesperateNewFamily on Aug 12, 2005, 10:58:20 PM
Wow - she has ALL of those traffic issues and yet her license has not been suspended?!?!? INCREDIBLE!

It's funny how one-sided the system can be sometimes. Not funny ha-ha...funny weird.

I'm sorry... :(
Title: RE: It just keeps getting better and better...
Post by: Sunshine1 on Aug 13, 2005, 07:04:07 AM
I HATE HER!  I'll go over there and give her a beating to almost unconcious.

It is time for contempt man,  You need to file over and over and over and over so she is sick and tired and ready to comply.  Spinner and Gipsy are old hands at contempt, you should bend their ear on what to do.

Update on us...PBFH got the kids yesterday after our TRO hearing on Thur.  the judge (extremely bored to be there and wanting to leave) said that she provided enough evidence that I assaulted her and she assaulted me, (apparently all you need to do is say you were assaulted and not provide any proof, I had pictures of me..not one piece of evidence from her) so the TRO is on both of us for a year.  I can't go to her house, she can't come to ours, exchanges are at the police station now, 13 miles from us and 45 miles from her each way (1 point for us).  Her only means of communication about the kids is through DH, which is going to be pretty hard to do since he is like steele and can ignore, walk away, and not communicate like noone I have ever seen.  The last time he went 3 years without a peep to her.  I'm talking rock solid! I was her only form of keeping up to date (2 points for us)

The PP was clarified to her in court that DH is to have unlimited phone access to the boys during any kind of parenting time including her "uninteruppted time" and if DH wants to send a cell phone or a morse code tapper along with them to call him on, HE CAN...he he (3 points for us)  The only bad thing is I have a TRO on me (1 point for her).

Oh yeah and all school functions are going to be pretty hard for her to attend, our sons are in the same grade in our town...I wonder who they will escort to the door to leave?...( I guess that would be 4 points for us)

Hopefully this will quiet things down, the judge explicitly went into detail about if she violated the order she would be arrested..he never asked me if I understood that. Hmm I wonder why?

Ok Don't, I hope you have a good weekend, write in your journal and document the whole event and get some contempt and rack up some make up time and dates that will work out for you.  She is going to have to answer sooner or later for her actions....noone can ruin your day without your permission.. :)  I will pray for your family :)


Her free lawyer does NOT like our lawyer and he caught her in all sorts of lies lies lies on the stand

Title: RE: It just keeps getting better and better...
Post by: dontunderstand on Aug 13, 2005, 05:00:52 PM
I am so happy for you!  Ya, It sucks that you have a RO against you too, but all in all it sounds like you got some good things out of it!!!  

I hate her too!  I can not tell you how it takes every bit of my strength and will power not to just beat the crap out of her, she is SO disrespectful to DH and he is just so sweet and laid back.  His patience is wearing thin though!  I do think that I get so p*$$ed becasue she has this 'I run things, holier than thou attitude'.  We are actually seeking another attorney's opinion to see what else we can do.  This firm has such a reputation that often times people see who the firm is and OFFER to settle out of court!  Calling in the big guns!  We are just so tired of playing games!  We are also looking into a PI.  It is just time to stop playing games.  It was SD response, just standing there staring at us like we were aliens that made me say enough.  She will now have a whole extra week to PAS her!  

Oh, did I forget to tell you that DH started taking SD to a therapist (the same one that SD was saying, "my mommy said... too) that they saw before, because BM told last comissioner that they didn't have a good relationship (TONS OF CRAP) and that he didn't know SD and vice versa.  Then Sd calls 5 min. before a visit to ask if they were going every week. (So dear mommy can PAS!) 1 wwek later BM takes SD to her therapist (the one that thinks DH should have supervised visits and needs parenting classes, and never met him, etc...) every week the day BEFORE DH takes SD to see other therapist.  Now who is playing games.  Oh and by the way, our therapist said DH and SD have a wonderful relationship and she loves spending time with us!!!

I just wish that we had the same judge everytime.  I think that it would make things so much easier.  The 1st comissioner we had was ready to crucify her!  She needs to be!!!
Title: RE: It just keeps getting better and better...
Post by: gipsy on Aug 15, 2005, 12:02:33 AM
file contempt . Thats your recourse and it starts to get her further ridicolous actions in front of the court , And maybe she will be inspired to put some really stupid  statements in her declaration reguarding the contempt ,
  Next it has been much better for me when the pick up and drop off point was moved to Mcdonalds , Some people use the police station , This has been a better deal for me to pick up at mcdonalds , If she doesn't show my atty said to get a coke when I get there and keep the dated reciept , If she doesn't have hers then use your reciept at the contempt hearing ,
   And or show up with a video camera , In Wash state it is legal to film what is visible from the out side , And not to film past the doors and windows , This will also help as they will realise you are preparing a case against them , And My atty said the tapes would not be likely to be used at court , because the court is aware of baiting each other , Then video taping the reaction , But the effect of taping is good and keeps every one on the up and up.
 these are things that have worked for me and My psycho tried all kinds of stunts , Now she behaves , I do not ever deviate from the parenting plan and there fore there is very little to talk about , And I don't talk to her , For some reason not talking to her creates a void in wich she can't act upon her wierd disfunctional lies and trickery , And I have not had a visitation problem for a long time ,
  Get it , Its not just the contempt , But the video camera , and not talking to her And not deviateing from the parenting plan ,
   Just show up if you don't get the kid leave and file contempt , If you need to learn to file contempt , then post about how to file contempt , Or call the court and ask for a cout facilitator .