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Title: activities and weekends
Post by: wysiwyg on Mar 10, 2006, 07:53:51 AM
I kow this is a sore subject for everyone, but I wanted to ask opinions.  Here is the situation, Dad is to see child EOW, one night during the week and scheduled holidays and summer. Several court orders for mediation, and minimum time concept for Dad, and the only thing it refers to in regards to activites is that both parents shall make a reasonalbe effort to resolve so that the child can attend.  Dad has been flat out denied one weekend as BM sent child to a weekend camp despite dads attempts in email, letter and VM to BM (in excess of 10 attempts) to work out an alternative.  Dad went to house Fri to get child, child not home, mother refused to tell him where his child was or even to return calls to VM. I will use the time frame from 1-1-06 to 5-12-06.  During this 19 weeks, Dad only has three weekends becasue of activities BM has signed the child up to go to and her holidays, and due to his work schedule BM refuses to allow the child to be with him during an alternative due to dad's third shift job schedule.  This fails to fulfill the orders that state the minimum time concept.  SO for nearly 5 months dad only gets to see the child 3 times?

Title: RE: activities and weekends
Post by: MixedBag on Mar 10, 2006, 08:28:38 AM
Sorry, but I'd be back in court pronto after that much missed time.

I did a motion for clarification the last go around because of a different subject.  

So get it clarified by the it right for dad to miss so much time doe to activities etc....and lay out to the court that this is causing many disagreements between mom and dad.

See if you can get the court to clarify what the court expects to happen.

See you're not asking the court to hold mom in contempt.  But you are complaining to the court over the time the child is entitled to spend with the dad.

Actually this could be solved by a mediator or a counselor too IF both parties respected their advice and guidance.  However, IMHO, when a parent takes on the position you describe, they only might listen to a judge because a mediator or counselor's opinion isn't binding.  A judge's iis.
Title: RE: activities and weekends
Post by: wysiwyg on Mar 10, 2006, 08:54:17 AM
understand, but as far as clarification, we have 5 court orders for mediation BEFORE court, and BM refuses to comply with mediation - she instead gets her attorney involved and we instructed ours to reply that she needs to comply with the court orders for mediation prior to a petition.  

Hard to get resolution becasue we feel our hands oare tied - can not go to court before mediation and she refuses to compley with mediation.

PS - BM not only refuses to listen to mediator, she refuses to comply with the courts direct orders for mediation!  Her way or NO way!
Title: RE: activities and weekends
Post by: ocean on Mar 12, 2006, 03:15:33 PM
Your lawyer can ask to skip the mediation when it is not working. I would send BM the letter of intent from this website by certified mail (she does not have to sign it, cost 40 cents). I would state that if she gives you advance notice that you will make every attempt to get your daughter to school-related functions and activities. Then go and try to pick up child on next visit with a video camera. File contempt if she refuses every time.