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Title: Advice Please !!!
Post by: Chooch0566 on Apr 04, 2006, 02:14:14 PM
I have a business trip planned for tomorrow.  It is my normal day for visitation.  I've provided BM the required notice to reschedule visitation, however, she claims to have professional obligations herself that will not allow her to care for my child.

This creates a travel dilemma.  Court ordered visitations states that as long as I give 30 days notice, that she should be compliant in the reschedule.  She is NOT.

What she wants me to do is to drop my daughter off at her house at an ungodly hour.

Question is - What if I go to drop my daughter off, and she is NOT home .. nor does she return (which she has done in the past) which means I will miss my business trip.

Any help ??
Title: Any family?
Post by: Ref on Apr 04, 2006, 02:42:39 PM
I would handle this like anyone else would, find a babysitter. Ex is obviously not being helpful, but right now you just need to find a good safe place for your child.

How about grandma or grandpa? Aunts or Uncles? Even her side is fair game to ask. Make sure she knows where the child is and when she can pick her up.

You did everything you could to schedule make-up time, so I can't see you not being able to get it.

Good Luck