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Post by: gipsy on Dec 17, 2006, 09:50:33 PM
After all the Years of BS I came back to say Mom IS cooperating with My request for winter and spring break , And put in writing a Plan Herself ,
    Why we may ask , Cause I quit Talking or fighting with her , And when She did ,I did what My atty told me too On My own , wich Is To do Chain Mail to her atty About the Issues , [After trial ] He said to do this so she gets the Bill Every time something stupid happens, And I send the Fax to her atty with out My atty , So she gets a bill I don't !1
   The good thing is I will be skiing , With My son ,
Post by: gabes_mom on Dec 19, 2006, 01:56:34 PM
That is AWESOME!  I am happy that things are working for the better!  

We too have been adviced to C/C every letter or type of written correspondence to the BM's atty also.  I've noticed after only one time of doing this it has started to straighten her tail out! LOL

Congrats to you and your son and have fun skiing!