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Title: Poetic Justice
Post by: 4honor on Aug 28, 2006, 09:37:27 AM
BM called DH yesterday to confirm about SS's next visit. There was no conflict about that -- unusual  but not surprising, as BM thinks she is getting $$ out of MIL and FIL and will behave in the interim.

SHe then asks DH to limit his calling with SS, as she was just presented with a cell phone bill for $1500.

DH rarely calls SS except evenings and weekends, as SS has an extremely FULL schedule with tutoring, work release, and counseling, not to mention school starting Sept 7. DH told BM about how he calls. Then she wants DH to tell his brother to not call so much. It is MIL and FIL's cell phone unit (BIL has a phone on the same billing), but she wants DH to tell BIL not to call. I told DH it was not his responsibility what BIL, FIL and MIL do. And BM should call THEM and ask them to alter their calling times -- or have MIL and FIL talk to BIL, since it is their bill and we have no control over it.

I was just musing that I used to give myself an ulcer over SS and how his mother was raising him, with the lies and the lack of family loyalty (PA/HAP was prevalent) and the lack of discipline. Well, now SS is on the sex offender list for life, he has run up her phone bill and is only BARELY making a C-/D+ grade average and will probably just graduate. I'd say that all my worries did nothing to change BM, while the consequences of her actions are making all kinds of changes in her life. Too bad it is too late for SS.

I think that SS will grow up and look back and see what his father and I tried to teach him, though that may be a long hard trek down the road.