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Title: Remove your Arkansas or Oklahoma state family law case to federal court !!
Post by: Sarahs_Dad on May 26, 2004, 02:09:00 PM
I would be glad to help any non-custodial parent to remove their case from county/state family court in Western Arkansas or Eastern Oklahoma to federal district court and invoke Constitutional/federal equal parenting laws, rights, and other state and Supreme court rulings. I have well-pleaded, well-supported and well-written federal forms that can be modified for your case/situation.  There is much case law supporting a person's right to file/sue and represent themself pro se if they choose.
Anyone is welcome to reply to this message publically or privately.  If requested, I can forward an 8-page e-mail containing more details.
In addition to individual cases, Indiana Civil Rights Council is coordinating and organizing a Class Action suit to be filed in each state soon on behalf of all non-custodial parents and victims of CPS, DHS, etc.  Volunteer Class Action Coordinators are still needed for about 25 (half) of the states.
For more information, go to
Title: Re: Remove your Arkansas or Oklahoma state family law case to federal court !!
Post by: gusgus04 on Nov 20, 2018, 06:41:48 AM
will it work in the northern district of texas? i need to sue pro se for the investigator's failure to notify in a timely manner of drug test results, using previous closed with no reason to believe cases as her "evidence" to validate her harrassment, i have recorded phone call proof of her speaking with me although she stated in my investigation file that she couldnt reach me to get an extension on her investigation and get a special investigator involved to contact me, phone call proof of her stating i passed my drug test yet she hands me a written document stating i failed, used a 12 year old case as her "proven history" of drug use although i had a newer case closed no reason to believe with a hair follicle test that showed i was not using, going over 45 days without any contact with me whatsoever then just reappears and says i need to place my children and myself out of my home pending my drug test because the test she gave my husband (and said on the phone had passed) had shown he failed-which he had taken 45 days prior, threatened me in a very intimdating and forceful manner that if i did not go test right then that my kids would be removed and my rights terminated immediately and so much more. please help My e-mail address: