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Title: Gun rights
Post by: gipsy on May 05, 2005, 12:20:46 AM
After the false Allegations and protection order , The psycho went and tried to renew the Protection order , Then the commissioner said he didn;t believe her story and  sent the case over to family law, We settle out of court but psycho insisted there be a mutual restraining order , the problem IS , When I called for property release of my guns , They told me because there were the words Threatening in the order , the Brady bill automatically is checked off and I would not get My guns back , So the Psycho has the same verbage in the mutual restraining order As I do But they did not check off Brady Act . So she gets her guns back , I go to get My guns back . With exactly the same verbage and Brady act is checked yes , And I don't get My guns back !Any one know any thing about this ?