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Title: tickets
Post by: KathyNY on Oct 13, 2006, 12:15:43 PM
Need some opinions from dads here...

My fiance lost his kids in a court battle w/ his ex wife just 6 weeks ago- she moved out of state (almost 12 hours away) because her boyfriend requested a job transfer.  (Some of you may be familiar w/ the case, as I posted like crazy about it on here).  Anyway, we're getting married next June (we had to move up the wedding date because of BM giving us a hard time about the kids missing 2 days of school- kindergarten and 1st grade- to BE IN their dad's wedding w/ the original date.

I am having a hard time coming up w/ a wedding present idea, but thought of something today- season tickets for football.  There are only 6 games, and the tickets are almost $200 each (and I'd have to buy 2 of course!) so they're not something I can afford to do right now for his bday or xmas- it's a "big ticket" item (no pun intended) that is more appropriate, IMHO, for this type of gift.

FH has dreamed of buying season tickets & taking SS to the football games once he turned 5 or 6yo.  He wanted to buy them last year but I told him SS was too young- not haven't the faintest idea that it would be our last (football) season w/ the kids here.  Now, if I buy these season tickets, I know FH will love them, and we'll have a good time at the games- we go to sporting events all the time together.  I'm just worried that it will be a bittersweet gift, that FH may not enjoy himself as much as he could, and will be at the game thinking he should be there w/ SS and not me.  SS will be 6yo this next football season.  

How would you other dads feel?  Is football football?  Or would you rather not have that reminder?  

And if I shouldn't get the tickets, can you men give me some other wedding gift ideas?!  :)