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Title: Motion for "status" quo" ? how do I do that?
Post by: spinner on Oct 19, 2006, 05:51:53 PM
Our Child is going to a school in my school district as we agreed to it verbally. He is currently in K.

However next year Mother who lives 9 miles away. I live 2 miles from the school, different school district but come on, 9 miles...,
the bottom line is that next year the calculation formula changes for CS and she is affraid she will loose her paycheck.

So her solution is to put him in a low level school in her school district to secure this.
it's more conveignant, next door to her, no 9 miles to drive every day, ... however she is not looking for our kid's futur...

So right now we are in mediation as I hope she can get her eyes open by the mediator. It doesn't seems like it will though.

So I am looking for advises on filing a motion for status quo while our child is in school to have a judge keep it that way next year.

Anyone advises, how do I file that one pro-se? any examples?