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Title: Goodbye Miss Manners!!!
Post by: MixedBag on Feb 21, 2004, 11:52:15 AM
Once again, Carole, I get to say goodbye to you on this site.

You were told to leave when you posted as AmyLynn and Observer approximately a year ago, and you have been shut down again.

(FYI:  Carole is my EX#2's fake-wife)

Your post back to me about my daughter's wedding invitations was out of line and I already said I may have "stepped in it".

Your post back to me about the fact that I am a STEP-Grandmother and not just a grandmother sealed your fate.  

Once again -- you choose to fight my husband's EX's battles for her instead of your own.  Why didn't you tell these folks at the same time that the MATERNAL Grandmother hasn't even held her grandchild???  Oh I could go on, but my SS will only suffer in the end.

I challenge you to tell the truth.

Tell them that you are NOT Mrs. J -- and only Mrs. G....from your first and only legal husband who committed suicide.

Tell them that you are NOT my son's Bio-mother and go back and correct all the records where you claimed to be his mother.  Yep, I've seen them and they exist.  I challenge you to retrace your steps and tell the truth.

And start being that "bonus mother" instead of the "replacement mother" -- you only make yourself look like the fool when you call Michael to the phone and say "It's MixedBag for you!"  Instead of "Michael, it's your MOM!"

And yes, I'll be checking up on you and you will always be looking over your shoulder to find me watching you.
Title: RE: Goodbye Miss Manners!!!
Post by: StPaulieGirl on Feb 22, 2004, 12:16:12 PM
You've got your hands full with that one.  Here's what we call the neighbor from hell (mother of all psycho bitches)...."Psychotica".  Feel free to christen your personal pain in the ass )(