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Title: minor thing
Post by: mango on May 27, 2004, 07:58:40 AM
We have a 3 hour visit on the Wednesdays of our "off" week. However lately the BM has been sending homework with SD with strick instructions to have it complete before returning home.

It leaves no visiting time because she is buried in her homework. Last night she pretended to use the bathroom nearly the whole visit, when I checked on her she was calculating her math problems on the pot. :-)

(She was scared to go home without having it done)

We were under the assumption that the non-possessory parent is entitled to vistation time, and possessory parent should be responsible for homework. Afterall she has 2 hours before our visit to complete homework.

Is there any "golden rule" about where homework is to be completed? It's not written in our plan, nor did we ever think ahead on that one.
Title: RE: minor thing
Post by: socrateaser on May 27, 2004, 03:23:49 PM
The court looks to what is reasonable. The question here is not really a legal one, in my opinion. If your child is frightened about what will happen to her if her homework is not completed, then you should consider discussing with her what she believes will happen.


If the daughter is actually afraid of her mother, you may have grounds for a new custody hearing.