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California State Forum / RE: Restraining order
« on: Feb 27, 2006, 09:31:07 AM »
post your ? on socrateasers board, he is in CA.. and go have a consult with an attorney, most offer free consults...

California State Forum / RE: Child old enough to decide? LATE Reply
« on: Jan 16, 2006, 02:43:39 PM »
this is a sticky issue,, as what happened to us was...12 year old stepson told dad on numerous occasions .. that he wanted to be with dad more.. son spoke with mediator said same.. however, judge decided she wanted to interview child, mother took him to her attorney prior to interview at which time he was told to tell judge.. this and that.. ..which he did, not understanding what would happen,,, judge didnt see he was coached.. therefore she ruled in mothers favor and father actually lost time with son....

So in my opinion do not allow judge to interview your child ....only mediator...otherwise you could be like us.. screwed by the system that we are supposed to put our faith in.

California State Forum / RE: opposite sex siblings sharing a room
« on: Nov 14, 2005, 07:39:47 PM »
hello, we had a similar situation, my ss was sharing a room with his mother, had been his entire life, sleeping in same bed. At mediation the mediator told mother child had to be in own room sleeping alone and gave her x amount of time, as she felt the child could have an unneccasary codependency on mom.

Child Support Issues / RE: Amazing isn't it??...m
« on: Aug 23, 2007, 08:23:08 AM »
yeah dh fiiled in the cs office but they say that have up to like 45 days to "review" the application.. I am thinking what is to review? Mother had joint custody now dad has sole with only reasonable right of visitation so what really is there to review?  We'll see... and we'll ride there butts till it gets done.. Ill keep you all posted...

ok so heres the reality... you have the legal right to request a modification via your local court if there is a change of circumstance, a 10 hour job.. is a change, medical issues that will cause your income to decrease will also signify a change, my dh tried in CA to get a review via the child support office and for 4 years was denied, we finally bypassed them filed in court and our support was decreased by 200 per month.  According to federal law they cannot take more than 50% of your earnings including medical premiums.. so you better check into it.

You have to go to the county courts clerks office pick up the papers for modification of childsupport go to the family law help center have them help you and then file them,, use your dr. letter for evidence...
Sometimes you have to find the way around the one standing in front of you....

Child Support Issues / gotta vent about cs...
« on: Aug 22, 2007, 05:12:11 PM »
ok all my dh just got sole legal/physical visistation of his 13 yr old daughter, prior to this he has been paying childsupport on time forever... well we sent in copies of the order and cs office said they are reviewing it and will let him know if they decide to change the order... We have decided to also seek child support as bm makes good money and can afford it.
 But I think the cs office is going to drag there heels  as they did not even mention his application when they told him they were reviewing his file..... amazing.. a mother gets it they will hunt you to the end of the earth...a father.. and you better do it yourself...

Child Support Issues / RE: same boat here
« on: Feb 22, 2006, 10:23:59 AM »
You should move to modify your cs order to include transportation costs, also if it is no in your custody order that you meet her 1/2 way.. dont, make her responsible for transport..

but I must say those CS offices are sooo screwed up.. my dh.. pays on time has for past 5 years, we get notice in mail that they are suspending his Drivers lic, due to non payment, .. he calls them says what the heck is going on.. they say.. oops.. we entered the wrong date in computer system, so they put it in as him paying 2 times in one month vs on the correct month it should be!!

And, he has filed for a mod..5 times.. each time his (female) worker has denied due to no change in circumstance, .. he got a new worker (male) filed for mod.. and what do you know.. its been approved.

ticks me off......................

Child Support Issues / RE: Need Help with custody
« on: Jan 31, 2006, 09:05:23 AM »
post your ??'s on socrateasers board, make sure to follow posting guidelines, he will give you valuable info.

Now my opinion... I would ask the court to allow a psych evalualtion done, on child, that will show what is going on. Do you have joint legal custody? If so send letter to childs doctor stating they do not have your permission to prescribe child with any medication, as you would like to have an evaluation by an additional dr. prior to medicating child.

You can also call the school your child attends, speak with the school counselor, she may have some insight, or may be able to refer him to a good counselor. Get copies of all records at school, ie: how many times child has been absent, tardy, sent to office for disrupting class. get detailed progress reports from school, showing how many missing assignments he has and what the scores are on the assignments/tests he has turned in.  On most report cards it shows the childs behavior in class..

When you speak with school follow up with a letter, fax it to the school then you have record of them, make the letter as professional as possible do not say anything about what you think is going on with mother, as you dont want to appear to be leading  them one way or another..

well just a few suggestions..hope they help

Child Support Issues / child support modification ???
« on: Jan 28, 2006, 07:30:19 PM »
has anyone here dealt with the Orange County CA DCSS for a modification? If so what was your experience?


ok, so this is what I know..if you send in any amount of support you are showing that you are trying, therefore you will not get your lic suspended, however if you send in nothing, nada.. zero.. etc etc.. you will get your lic suspended.. so if you sent the 50 bucks it took you in man power to come up with a grand scheme to elude child support.. your license wouldnt be suspended in the first place. Or heres a better one, you may have a lic from another country, but you may end up in jail from the warrant theyll issue for lack of support payments...

Just an observation..

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