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Hello all and thanks ahead of time. first off i am writing this from Milwaukee Wisconsin, and i am telling you that because i know how most states have different laws.

I recently had my 50/50 custody/placement taken away from me for no substantial reason at all. The gender biased judge skipped all legal steps and imposed sanctions on me by taking my daughter away, a daughter whom i have taken care of just as much if not more than her mother since her birth (she is 3 now) Anyways, the lazy mom just served support papers on me and the hearing is only a week away and i am freaking out wondering if i will even be able to support myself, my 6 month old son and my fiance. I make alright money but never see much of it since i pay a $1200 mortgage, and around $1000 in bills each month. Since i take home $2400 a month roughly that leave me with squat.

I am looking for ways to minimize the payment amount based upon my current obligations and debts and the fact that i have a new child to care for and support financially. I realize that my 3 year old was here before my new child but need to know if my debts will be taken into consideration before some other judge that hates men set some crazy support payment that will not allow me to maintain my own household. I carry the insurance for my daughter but do not pay for it, my employeer covers the entire premium. Even though i personally do not pay for the insurance it surely is reflected in my hourly wage according to my boss. Is ther any way that i can get a lower payment based on that situation. I love my daughter to death but did not produce her to be a bank account for her sick mother. The mom has never had or held a full time job but has a college degree, what can you tell me about the "ability to earn"????

Please any pointers, tricks or suggestions will be of great assistance. I know the family court system is pro mom and anti dad here in Wisconsin, but i refuse to live in poverty or let my newborn suffer because of that because IT IS TOTALLY WRONG!!!!! Thanks again and god bless all dads that fight for their fatherhood.

Child Support Issues / give up parental rights
« on: Apr 21, 2007, 03:03:16 PM »
I am wondering if anyone knows if i give up my parental rights to me child will that eliminate me from paying child support? If not can someone please tell me how to get the monthly payment amount set at the lowest amount possible? I live in Wisconsin, pay a $1200 mortgage along with many other debts, i have a newborn child that lives with me full time that i support, does the court system take that stuff into consideration or will i have to give up everything i have to support my first child whom i had equal custody of until an evil judge discriminated against me and took my custody and placement Away. Any info will be wonderful

General Issues / RE: private school funding
« on: Mar 30, 2007, 12:28:50 PM »
Thankyou mistoffolees for the quick reply. I reviewed my court order and under the 50/50 joint custody provisions it states that all medical, religion, and schooling matters were to be decided by BOTH parents. Now when the order was changed just a week ago to sole custody to mom it seems that the judge praised her for this behavior.

on another note, the mom also took and had my daughter baptized when she was 5 months old after we seperated. She refused to include me telling the courts that her family stated that if i was there that they would not show up. Then i requested to know what religion she baptized her as because i am a christian and she refused to disclose that to me, finall the Guardian Ad Litem forced her to tell me. Mom also told each and every medical provider that my daughter had visited throughout her life that me, the childs dad had no rights to any of the records. I could go on and on about the "parental alienation" but you get the idea. The courts did order us to attend co-parenting counseling but i never went due to financial problems. i know thats no excuse but i made many attempts to attend. And finally after i sent a payment to the counselor for her retainer fees i tried to get the moms availibity schedule to compare it to mine so we could set up an appointment with the counselor and again, mom refused to tell me saying thats "none of your business" AT the court hearing mom just lied and lied about how she always tried to talk to me about these issues and the judge believed it all and cared nothing about my defending statements so that why the order was changed to me only seeing my kid 2 days a month. I firmly believe the courts made a gender biased decision and did me and my daughter WRONG. And on a final note, DOES ANYONE BELIEVE I HAVE GROUNDS TO TAKE THIS TO THE COURT OF APPEALS??? And was mom in contempt??? Any info will be great and sorry for the long posting.

General Issues / private school funding
« on: Mar 30, 2007, 11:13:34 AM »
Hello, the mother of my child was just granted sole custody and primary placement of our 3 year old child. there was no substantial evidence for the courts to stop the previous 50/50 joint custody/placement we had for over 2 years so i plan to appeal it until im blue in the face. anyways i have a question in regards to the moms choice of pre-k early childhood schooling. The mom decided to pick a private lutheran school during the time we had court ordered joint legal custody. She never discussed this with me, and did it contrary to the judges orders. Now that she has all legal say, will i as the childs dad be forced to pay for the private school fees??? also if the mom chooses to alienate me which i know she will will i also be required to pay for daycare for the child even if during the times she takes her there i am available? Thanks, and remeber dads, FIGHT FOR YOU CHILDREN, they need you.

General Issues / time limit to file an appeal
« on: Mar 28, 2007, 04:19:17 PM »
Can anyone tell me if there is a time frame in which to file an appeal in a custody and placement case? also how do i go about starting the process and can i do it without an attorney???

Custody Issues / trying to regain equal custody back
« on: Nov 25, 2007, 07:31:56 PM »
Hello and god bless all. I am a 28 year old father of a 4 year old girl and have been in my daughters life since her birth. Back in March of 2007 a milwaukee county family court judge took my 50/50 custody of my daughter away simply because i did not attend co-parenting counseling with my childs mother. I made numerous attempts to attend the counseling but the counselor refused to take my insurance even after i verified that it would be covered. Besides that the judge had no reasons to do what she did, other than the fact that she NEVER looked into previous court records and in my eyes simply made a "gender biased decision". Also, the judge was a new judge to the family court and was FRESH out of criminal court.

     Since March i only get to see my daughter every other weekend and the mother has done just about everything in her power to squash the relationship that me and my daughter had. She has changed doctors without telling me any of the info, she witholds my court ordered visitation times, she has moved without informing me of where my daughter lives. She has told all medical providers that i am not entitled to info regarding my daughter (the court order states otherwise). She has failed to do just about everything that the court order states that she is obligated to do.

     My daughter was used to seeing me on a 50/50 basis since she was 1 year old. My daughter had a sibling baby brother added to her life during the 50/50 placement (which was kept secret from the judge by the mother attorney) There were 2.5 years of previous court activities where all of the judges kept it at equal custody and i am wondering what my chances of re-gaining 50/50 placement are???? I have been calling my daughter on a daily basis, the mother never lets her talk to me or lets her call me, my daughter runs from the mom when she comes to pick her up from me. The mother did not allow my own daughter to be at her sibling baptism, birthday, or my own wedding. There is severe parental alienation going on here and this is all because of a un informed judge. I have previous social worker records that state why "sole" custody would be harmuful for the mother, but yet the judge never even looked into the previous records. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MY DAUGHTER OUT HERE!!!!!! I love her, she has been torn from my life, her step moms life and everyone on the paternal side of her family and the more negative things the mother gets away with the happier she is. Anyone that reads this please help me out, i have tons more that i could go into detail about but tried to keep it as short as i could.  

thanks again for the info. I can tell you that if i sat here and disclosed my entire story there would be no room for anything else. I have been trying to bring up the bad things and also what has just happened in my recent custody change.

I am hurt, sad, depressed, mad argry and just about every other feeling and emotion that comes to mind. I have one lawyer telling me he can get my custody back, another tellin gme good luck and i hear all kinds of mixed messages and have no idea what to believe. I do however know that This custody change does not in any way represent my daughters best interests. Over 2 years ago the order of 50/50 joint custody was mad in her best interests. I was good enough to be in her life then, now some brand new judge does not think so, something is wrong there.

No harm was done to my child by me ever, nor wiill there ever be any. There just was no substantial info the change anything. The fact that me and mom do not communicate as much as we should which was the judges basis for this change has no bearing on my fatherhood. Since this change in custody/placement i have over 5 verbally abusive/threatning messages from my kids mom, but yet they wonder why i choose not to talk to her. This has nothing to do with me or her mom it is about our Daughter and I WILL FIGHT THIS UNTIL IT KILLS ME!!!!

hello and god bless all. up until a few weeks ago me and the mom of my 3 yesr old daughter shared 50/50 custody and placement. well contrary to my childs best interests the gender biased one sided judge granted sole legal custody and primary placement to the mom with no circumstantial incriminating evidence of anything in regards to my daughter.  this change was based on lies and i am going to do whatever it takes to get my placement back at 50/50.

Anyways since my daughters birth and the seperation of me and her mom, mom has done just about everything to keep my kid from me and it was only the help of the G.A.L and court at that time that got me the custody i had. Back then the mom would do whatever she could to locate someone besides me to watch our kid while at work or whatever else. I brought up the right to first refusal at that time along with parental alienation and her lawyer must have warned her, but those topics were never put in the court order.

now that mom has taken my daughter from me i am wondering if i should bring these things up to her again or let her keep doing it and then use it against her, because she now has my kid in childcare when she KNOWS that i am available due to my work schedule i was always available more that she was which upset her, so keeping my kid from me was her way of trying to "show" me. I mean obviously if the mom KNOWS darn well that i am available and chooses to take my daughter somewhere else kinda proves that she is alienating me right??? What i am trying to do is document averything against the mother so i can build my case. Yeah i know and hear it all the time, she is the mother of my kid, well whatever we do not get along and that has no affect of the love i give my daughter. Any advice about this would be great, or any advice on how to get my custody back would be fantastic. Thanks  

it has been a week now since the f--ct up wisconsin family court decided to make me a poster advocate for absent fathers. my story is a long one but i will briefly describe. when my daughter was 5 months old somehow her arm got broken. I know i did nothing to harm her but the mother did everything she could to try and sink my ship and take my kid from me. Lie after lie after lie. It was a year long process for us both to get our daughter back in our care since she was living with my sister while the legal people and social workers investigated. From the minute my daughter was born her mom changed into a whole different person and started to alienate me so i kicked her out of my house. Nothing i did for my kid was good enough in her evil eyes. Anyways, after court appearance after court apperance we were both granted joint legal custody and a totally equal 50/50 placement schedule. so in reality at that time i sunk the moms ship because she wanted sole custody and for me to see my daughter once a week. The G.A.L was on my side from the minute he took the case, standing behind me and my fathers rights. Well my daughter is 3 now and has been living under the 50/50 placement since she was 1. We just had a review hearing a week ago and the mom came in there LYING her you know what off. She had a lawyer i dismissed mine after getting equal placement. Everything that came out of her mouth was a lie but the stupid gender biased judge believed every word of it. When it was my turn to defend myself the judge barely let me talk and then twisted everything i said around putting words in my mouth. The only thing i did wrong per the judges orders was not attend co-parenting counseling, but have valid reasons for why i didnt. the judge didn't care and said to me "i am going to punish you now and impose sanctions. This prior criminal court judge granted sole custody to mom and only gave me 2 days a month with my kid. This cold hearted judge had no concernes for my daughters well being and best interests and even disregarded the G.A.L's recomendation to leave everything the way it was at 50/50. I now have a 5 month old son with another woman so she just totally tore them apart from each other. The judge made a biased opinion of me the first time she saw me because of my hair style and pierced ears and just about called me stupid because i never graduated high school. How can these so called "legal" officials sleep at night??? MY question after that long story is, does anyone out there think i can win my custody back if i take it to the court of appeals??? Also does anyone know if there is a time limit in which to file an appeal in milwaukee county??? Someone please steer me in the right direction!!!! THIS COURT SYSTEM IS WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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