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Father's Issues / RE: Is this against the law?...
« on: Sep 10, 2008, 08:45:45 PM »
I did file temp. visitation papers and the judge denied it and said that I had to file a motion... I guess it is not important to judges that a child gets to spend time with the father.

I did let her know when my mother would be here, she has been aware for over a month now. What would be the reason to do it in writing?... just to show as evidence in court?...

thank you for your reply.

Father's Issues / Is this against the law?...
« on: Sep 10, 2008, 04:51:25 PM »
I have a post in this forum titled "Temporary Custody..." if you need more info on this situation...

long story short,

my childs mother is not allowing me to see my child at all...

my mother is coming to visit from california for about a week and has never been able to see my child. (he is almost a year old)...

There is currently NO custody, visitation etc. order issued.

My question is, While my mother is here, If I get a chance to have my child and tell his mother that I will not return him untill after my mother leaves to go back home, CAN I GET IN TROUBLE?

I wish I didnt have to act in this manner, however, I love my child and want nothing more than to be in his life.

basically, Can I do this without getting in trouble?..

also, If she decides to show up at my house with the police in an attempt to get the child back, Do I have a reasonable defence to tell the police in order to NOT have to give the child back without getting in trouble???

pelase answer these questions swiftly if you have any knowledge on this situation, my mother will be here in a few days.

thank you in advance

Thank you for the informatin and help. You actually answered my next question. which is:

My mother is coming to visit from California for a week. She has not yet been able to see the child and he is almost 1 year old now. I was wondering if, WHEN THE CHILDS MOTHER LETS ME TAKE HIM FOR EVEN A FEW MINUTES, IS THERE ANYWAY THAT I CAN GET IN TROUBLE FOR TELLING HER THAT I AM NOT GOING TO RETURN HIM UNTIL AFTER MY MOTHER LEAVES TO GO HOME?...

I really wish I did not have to take such an action however, I deserve to spend time with my child and she is absolutely refusing to let me.

There is currently no custody/visitation etc. order.

So I guess,... If I did take the action and keep the child and tell his mother that I would return him AFTER my mother went back home to california, will I get in trouble?...

also,... If I did take this action and she showed up at my house with the police in an attempt to get the child back,... Do I have a reasonable defence against the police to keep the child at my house and not have to give him back to his mother?

please answer these questions as swiftly as possible if you are certain of this situation, my mother will only be at my home from 09/11/2008 through 09/20/2008.

thank you in advance.

For the sake of typing, I have another topic in this forum titled: "23 and already going through it :(" (please refer to that post to know a little more about what is going on"...

ok,... I have a pending court date (not yet determined) for custody etc. I AM NOT the moving party,... while waiting for the court date, I am being denied ANY visitations besides seeing my child at his mothers home and on HER terms.

I am attempting to enter an "EX PARTE ORDER FOR TEMPORARY CUSTODY/VISITATIONS" because my mother is going to visit me for a week and a half and has not yet been able to see my child (he is almost a year old now).

I was wondering if any of you have knowledge on preparing this "Ex Parte order." I spake with the judge's assistant and she mentions i just need to prepare it and give it to her and she will see if the judge will sign it (I reside in MI. I understand it may be different in other states.)

my question is, Does anyone know what type of things are important to place in this ex parte order that i will submit to the judge?

I am requesting the exparte for temp. visitations so my mother can see my child while she is here visiting me. (I can wait till my court date.) but my mother lives all the way across the US and doesnt come out much.

any advice or info on this procedure would be a huge blessing to me.

thank you in advance

Father's Issues / RE: 23 years old and already going through it :(
« on: Sep 09, 2008, 03:41:35 PM »
thank you all for the replies...

I have a few more questions...

I have been given 2 court dates not by her attorney only to discover from the vourt sec. that there were no such court dates... any ideas to why this is happening...(Im not complaining, it gives me more time to gather my knowledge and be prepared...) im just curious.

also, Is there any [hard-hitting] things that I should mention in court that will help me to receive the things that i am asking for?...

I have also entered another topic in this forum titled: "Ex Parte for temporary visitations",... if you can help, PLEASE leave a reply on that post.

thank you so much again.

Father's Issues / 23 years old and already going through it :(
« on: Sep 04, 2008, 09:46:52 PM »
I am a 23 year old father of one child who is having his 1 year old birthday in less than a month.

The situation is as follows:

The mother and I were in a relatinship and the mothers parents continued to place it in her head tht because custody was not established, I could (at any time) take the child and not allow her to see him untill custody was established. (I would never do such a thing)... however, this placed fear in my childs mother and caused her to get an attorney and file a motion for custody.

I was fine with all of this untill I found out that she was filing for sole custody and child support was OUTRAGEOUS for my financial status. I have no problem paying to support my child, but $687.00/month for a person barely making minimun wage...how is that possible?...

anyways, after finding out she wanted sole custody, I decided to get a consent packet from the court and inform her that we can decide our own stipulations and fill out the forms, then turn it into the clerk and all be happy... She refuses to go over the papers with me and explains that "she wants what she wants and thats it"...

(needless to say, we are no longer together and have never been married)... it is almost as if she is like a little child that does not want to share her new doll...

here my child is almost a year old and I have never been able to have him overnight, and have only been able to have him (without her supervision) for 1/2 of a day..THATS IT... even on fathers day she made me visit him at HER house.

I am not represented by an attorney in this case but have been doing extensive homework in teh law library at the court... however, and im sure much of you know,..this can be very overwhelming... Im really not too sure what I am asking for here, but any advice or help would be a huge blessing to me...

I guess I would like to know:
-what kind of rights do I have to ask for in reguards to custody (ie: joint, primary etc.)

-she tries to say taht because the child has never been away from her overnight, it is not good for me to have him over night...I AM HIS FATHER! how can i answer to this in court?...

-any otehr advice would be great..

thank you in advance

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