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Child Support Issues / RE: So hard to get such pettiness , but ....
« on: Oct 08, 2008, 07:11:20 PM »

Just reading through your dilemma, and I just have a thought I wanted to share.  If you write her a check every month to split expenses, why don't you just take $20 a month off until you get your $240 back?  If you think about it, it is only $240 and is she going to turn around and take you back to court for that small of an amount?   Probably not, and even if she does, all you would have to do is subpoena the bills and prove that she falsified the documents originally.  I understand you don't want to go against the court order, and you do need to get it changed to reflect the $20 instead of the $40, but it wouldn't be something very difficult to prove in court that she lied about the amount you were supposed to pay.

Child Support Issues / RE: Questions for change?
« on: Oct 08, 2008, 06:59:06 PM »
I just want to say that I stumbled onto this website by looking for a place to go to find who I would complain to about how child support guidelines can be so off base.  I am engaged to a father of two from a prior marriage and everytime they disagree on something, raising his child support gets thrown in his face.  We just got through court and his support went up $300 a month and he got more time with his children, because the amount he was paying before was agreed upon mutually outside of court.  Obviously when he asked to see his children more she took that as a free meal ticket.  Unbelievable!  How in the world can any father receive justice and be able to enjoy his time with his children when every cent of extra money he makes goes to a cheating ex-wife for child support????  WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?  

Anyway, sorry I blew up.  I needed to vent.  

Some things I would like to see change is that if the time between homes is equal or almost equal, the expenses should be treated the same way.  In our case, it is a 70/30 child support ratio with a 55/45 custody ratio.  How obsurd is that???  A father has just as much parental right as a mother, or they should anyway.  50/50 down the middle.  If the parties agree on anything different, then support arrangements should be made on that %.  Of course if one of the parents isn't fit to take care of the children, this wouldn't be pertinent.  

Just one quick question to close.  Can anyone tell me how to make a formal complaint against how the guidelines are currently set?


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