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THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reply!  unfortunately our case is through the family law court in riverside county CA.  cases handled through a child support agency have a whole different set of rules and guidelines.  for us, some people say we have to file an OSC and actually have a hearing to END the childsupport.....others say we can file something ourselves with the court to get a new wage garnishment reflecting a zero amount to deduct...effective the day after the child graduates (after already having turned 18).  bottom line is that the current order already says the CS ends when the child turns 18 and graduates.  we don't understand why we can't get a straight answer on how to stop the garnishment.  we would appreciate any feedback anyone has! THANK YOU!

California State Forum / how 2 stop CS in riv co CA? child is 18!
« on: Apr 23, 2009, 09:49:36 AM »
PLEASE HELP! ...never thought it would be this hard to END a child support order!  ...getting conflicting info!
CS order is done through family law court in riverside county CA.  there is a wage assignment stating to withhold the CS amount "until further notice".  do we have to have another hearing to get a new order from the judge, cancelling this wage assignment?  that seems like a whole lot of time, money, and drama- just to end the CS.
the court order states to end the CS when the child is 18 and graduates from HS.

please help!!!!

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