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Visitation Issues / Re: I am new here.
« on: Aug 20, 2009, 04:04:10 AM »

Lovindad70- looking for a little clarification.  You are the father, and you have two children, from two different mothers, is that correct?  The first child is in the custody of grandmother.  Is that correct?  Second child is with your ex?  Has a custody order been placed for the second child?  What state do you reside in?

If there is no custody order for your second child I would say that is where you need to start along with hiring a lawyer (if financially possible).  If you feel your child is in danger, (physical danger that is), you may want to contact Social Services in your area.  I only recommend that if the child's physical welfare is at stake.  My fiance has had Social services contacted numerous times for false allegations so please don't contact them unless there really is an issue. 

I understand your feelings of hopelessness.  We (my fiance and I) have been there a lot recently.  The best thing you can do is fight for your children.  They have a right to be with both parents.  I've foud this site to be extremely helpful, for information and emotional support.
i have 2 children yes 1 with grandmother the other with me and current gf.but gf is trying to use my child to get me to stay which it does because he does not want me to leave.i live in Indiana,she is a good mother but using a child against the other parent is totally wrong,just breaks my heart when she does that.she says that i have no rights as a father but i signed a paternety sheet at hospital.Is that not enough?

Visitation Issues / Re: I am new here.
« on: Aug 10, 2009, 02:08:13 PM »
I am also new here.Like Anon73 i never was married to my sons mother and also signed a patern. paper at hospital.The mother liked to play head games and wanted to make my life miserable,she got involved with a felon for making meth.1 day i came to talk to my son since i had not heard from him in 2 weeks but she never answered the door and her bf was taunting me and would not let my son come out(he was crying for me)well you know how mother bears are with the cubs lol.i started to mouth off and tried to kick in the door(pls do not do)well saying that the police was called and the officer saw me kick the door.I went to jail for 5 days for unlawful entry which i did not enter the place cop was mad cause after he said i was a bad dad made me even mader and i started on him that was reason he TRIED to charge me with the felony,it was dropped to tresspassing only.told the judge mother locks him out of house alot so they can do their thing whatever that was drugs,sex whatever.Me and her mother took her to court to get me custody but never happened so i agreed to let the grandmother have custody.Now i have another son by another woman who threatens me with my youngest every chance she gets and i am scared as hell to leave because when she starts to argue(pls never infront of children take it private)i try to go out the door to get away from the yelling my son grabs my arm and cries don't go daddy I love you.I start to cry and try to comfort him and let him know it is not his fault.I am at a loss just thinking of it as i write this. Any help would be nice noone to talk to here in my city

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