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Georgia State Forum / Fathers 4 Justice
« on: Sep 28, 2009, 03:12:34 PM »
Yeah the costumed 'Super Hero' (cuz we're all 'Super Heros' to our sons and daughters!) guys on cranes bridges and roof tops... have come to Georgia.
If you have ANY questions or wish to join forces fighting for our parental rights as FATHERS and for Fatherhood in genneral... hey we'd be glad to have you onboard!
I live in North Georgia, an hour from Atlanta. My tale is pretty much the same as so many of you: I was a battered husband for 7 years and my childrens mother destroyed the marriage by having an illicit affair ... then started playing games before the ink was even dry on the court docket.
[ x ] False Accusations (x 5)
[ x ] Obstruction and denial of visitation
[ x ] Parental Alientaiton
[ x ] Using county agencies as her personal pit bull to perpetuate her vendetta against me.
[ x ] Etc.
Please email!!!
Gunner Retired

Father's Issues / Re: FERPA
« on: Sep 28, 2009, 03:02:31 PM »
Heyas... discussing FERPA:

When you're dealing with local schools it's usually a simple matter of walking in and explaining who you are and what you're on about. Long distance schools are another matter and I would invite you consider initiating contact face to face.

In either case put in the time to research state laws discussing accessing your childrens school records, and also look up your childs school faculty members by name (Prinicpal, District School Board Pres, etc) and cite these on your letter requesting [ X ] Access to and [ X ] Copies of (and make these each a line item) any and all [ X ] Record(s), [ X ] Document(s), [ X ] Correspondance(s) [learn that little trick with the (s) at the end of each item(s)], etc discussing your childs school reporting and progress.

I have a nice copy of a FERPA letter that I will be delivering to my daughters school when I travel that way ... if anyone would like a sanitized copy feel free to email asking for it!

Gunner Retired
Falsely Accused Father & Disenfranchised Parent
Georgia Fathers 4 Justice State Coordinator
National Parents Rights Association Research Consultant
Family Court Reform Alliance Archivist & 'Armorer'
AFRA/BHS Armorer

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