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You are right on.  I have been in a relationship with a man for nearly 6 years and have watched the family court system strip him of his dignity and self-respect.  His ex-wife has had him sent to rehab with no history or witnesses of substance abuse to only have her family forcibly admit her to in-patient rehab for meth addiction.  When she was away, we had the 2 kids full time and his wages were still garnished for child support.  For over three months her bank account was padded and the court refused to have her pay it back to us.  She had him tested for alcohol for over 3 months, once a week and he passed all tests.  The court stated she would have to pay 1/2 of all negative test and in the end she never paid for any of it.... and did I mention the whole time she was on meth.

I hate to say it by my honey is a dark skinned Latino and she is a very pale skinned, blond haired devil.  The bias here in Silicon Valley, California was unbelievable.  She submitted a print out of a police record with someone who had the same first and last name as my SO.  The middle initial and birthdate were not on the report, conveniently.  She used this to cite he was a violent criminal.  No one looked at whether that was him or not.  He was put on supervised visits and the whole time she was on drugs.  Yes, I am a little bit bitter but I think I am justified. 

In summary, the court system is designed to grease the squeaky wheel not make sound and safe decisions for the children.  It is not fair that fathers are railroaded.  This is coming from a woman who has a great relationship with her father.  If someone would have kept me away from him I would have been half full.  No child deserves that when they have a father who is trying so hard to be there.

My fiancee and I have bee in a relationship for nearly 6 years now.  I have 3 children (Girl-22, Boy-11 and Girl-10).  He has 2 children (Girl-11 and Boy-6).  Our children are all very close.  Especially my ss the 6yr old. I still call him the baby since I have been in his life before he even had has first birthday.  My fiancee and his ex separated when he was only 4 months old.  The reason for my post is I am really beside myself and need some advice.  This is my first time posting like this but I need to share with others who may understand how I feel.  The ex-wife is a constant manipulator and has done everything she can to destroy my fiancee's life and alienate the children from him.  One of her latest stunts involved her filing a request for emergency restraining order.  She cited in her the petition that my 11yr old tried to sexually molest my 10 yr old sd by asking her to perform oral sex on him.  That he repeatedly walks in on her in the shower and her father yells at her for saying anything about it. This is an absolute cruel LIE!  The judge didn't even respond to it.  We had court and the judge ruled they go to another JCC to talk with a mediator.  This woman is immature, insecure and down right pissed off that her life took a turn down while my fiancee has improved his life after her.  This is only one of the stunts she's pulled.  There are so many....

My concern is family court documents are public record and have no burden of proof to satisfy.  What happens if my son is runs for a government office or requires some security clearance and these lies surface.  Not only that, as his mother how do I allow her to slander him like that.  He has done nothing to this psycho but treat her 6 year old son like a little brother.  He has taught him how to build great lego creations, play chess and my son still will play cars with the youngest to make him happy.  As his mother I want some recourse.  I want to protect my son from being attacked and his name dragged into this drama.

Do any of you have background on a situation like this?


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