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Iowa State Forum / Re: father needs advice
« on: Apr 17, 2013, 09:11:28 AM »
dsizzle there is a faq page here with lots of answers for you.  i tried to share the link but i'm not allowed to post external links.  if you click on the home button i think you can find it there or maybe someone else who might be allowed to post links can post that link for you.  there's some articles there about the other parent moving to a different state and what you can do about that and also an article about free or low cost legal aid.  i would think you also want to ensure that you are shown as the legal father on the birth certificate to establish paternity. 

if you think you can successfully reconcile with your ex its worth a shot but unless she feels the same way its not likely to happen and you need to accept that the relationship with your ex is over but your relationship with your son is in its earliest stages and needs to be protected. 

since shes already told you shes planning on moving out of the state in a few months, you better get started on putting whatever you can into place before then. 

ocean, i sent you a private message.  i'm just here looking for information like everyone else and i don't dare share details in public.  i'm trying to be fair here and look out for an infant's best interests.  i would hope that anyone whose been on the crappy side of a deal can understand that.  thanks.

what ocean said that was most relevant to me was this:  the only time parental rights will be taken away is if one of the parents are neglectful to child.

i already read the guidelines that say be careful how much you say about your own personal situation and i know if i shared the details, i'd be sharing enough info to identify myself but there actually are some reasons why some parents should not have overnights with infants and toddlers and in todays court system where anything can happen its not always enough to present evidence of said neglect, you have to try and reinforce everything you say with "expert" opinions.  anyway, i didn't say anything about taking anyone's parental rights away.  i asked about studies that might demonstrate that its not always beneficial for a child to have overnights.  i'm not interested in taking away a parents right to have a relationship with their child but i am interesting in protecting a child from a parent who refuses to learn some basic parenting skills.

good fathers can usually recognize and accept that not every father is a good father so try not to paint me with a broad brush without knowing the specific details of my situation.  thank you.

anyone know of any good studies in favor of no overnights for infants and toddlers that judges are taking seriously?

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