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Background:  In FL the ex was granted a DVI when she tried to press domestic violence charges that were unfounded and eventually the states attorney did not press charges.  A court order was entered to have exchanges at the paternal grandparents house where I was living.  I moved out and the ex insisted that we do exchanges at my new residence.  As a fool I agreed.  Well she tried to have me violated on the DVI without success.  She tried to make me pick up at the marital home or I could not see the children.  When I did she tried to have me violated again without success.  Eventually, I had to move back to my parents house after loosing my job and a conflict with the babysitter who was bringing the children to exchanges and withheld my daughter under orders from my wife because of an open CPS sexual abuse allegation that was actually closed. 

Well, as we are currently, for the last 3 mo the ex has been having the children brought to a police station for exchanges.  Nothing in the DVI says I can go anywhere other than the paternal grandparents house for exchanges and I don't want a violation of the DVI especially since it is almost expired.  however the ex refuses to follow the court order claiming the safety of her and the children so she can not bring them to anywhere other than the police station.  There has never been any issues of exchanges at the paternal grandparents house.  *Note I have documentation that the ex does not always bring them for exchanges. EX sitter, mother, etc will bring them.

Soon we are going before the judge to hear the ex's emergency motion for relocation of exchanges and my contempt charge will be heard at the same time.

1.) Will the judge likely enforce the court order for exchanges or likely grant a police station for exchanges.
2.) Will I likely be granted make up time as this no exchange has been going on nearly 3 mo.
3.) Will the judge likely hold the ex in contempt?

Among reasons not wanting to exchange at a police station is that it is not stated in the DVI paperwork for exchanges.  That last thing I need is a technical violation when the DVI is almost expired and who wants their children to always associate their father with the police.  My son already tells me that mommy says bad things about me.  Ya I know now that I should have never agreed to exchange at my new location of residence.  However nothing ever happened at my parents house to ever give reason for not exchanging their and certainly nothing ever happened to cause the ex to fear for her safety anywhere. 

So, now do you think the judge will enforce the court order for exchanges?  Grant the ex the location for exchanges at a police station?  Will I get make up time for these 3 mo I have missed with them?  Will she likely be in contempt of court for not following the order?

The ex was granted a Domestic Violence Injunction against me in the state of FL however there was no Domestic Violence as the states atty decided not to press charges.  The court order under the DVI says that she is to bring the children to the Grandparents house Twice a week for visitations as well as every other Friday for weekend visitations.

We were doing this fine until I moved and the ex recommended that we exchange at my new residence since I was no longer living with my parents.  She tried to have me violated on the DVI exchanging at my new residence, then we moved it to a public location, well she did not want to do that anymore so she demanded that I pick the children up at the marital home.  Well when I did that resulted in the ex trying to have me technically violated on the DVI. 

Where we stand now for the past 3 months is that she refuses to bring them to the grandparents home where I am now living because she "fears her safety and the safety of the children"  therefore the ex will only bring them to a local police station.  I refuse to go to the police station for several reasons however she has them brought to the police station for exchanges and says I am refusing to see them because I don't come to get them.  I have documented proof that the ex does not always bring them to exchanges.  We will be going before the Judge again soon so that they can hear here emergency motion for relocation of exchanges to the police station and the judge will hear my contempt charge. 

Any advice?  Any ideas as to how the judge will see things for a ruling?  The last thing I want is to have to go to a police station every time so my children will associate me with the police all the time.  The children are ages 4 and 2.

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