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Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 10:56:19 PM »
Here's one for you busy mom... Bill Burr - Most Difficult Job On The Planet(ελλη…:
Research my job a bit then have a little respect!

And to waylon...
Oh Waylan I imagine you as a pro abort 50 year old bum hipster in Washington state that beats his meat to pics of Nancy polosi and obviously hasn't missed an episode of Oprah or the doctors since he became mister mom back in 95..go fuck yourself buddy...

I didn't get on this website to be judged on my own personal opinions, I never said I was against vaccination it was how he was vaccinated I was concerned about..even if I was anti vaccination who fucking cares! That was never up for debate it was the how it was done part that was open for discussion..fuck you and your website I'm out

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 14, 2014, 12:32:10 PM »
The people who support vaccines the most are doctors..and that a money thing and you know it... If you can prove that they don't cause it then I would be more than happy to listen..but all I hear is your opinion sir.
Btw..are you a doctor???

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 12, 2014, 05:47:19 PM »
In Kansas you can get a religious waiver and it's not to hard to get from what I hear..I'm not religious

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 12, 2014, 05:44:48 PM »
What mixed bags said!
And I was against any of the shots just don't think that he needed them all at one time and again I wasn't informed. Also they bundle shots like dtp and mmr were my main concern as I've heard that there are bad batches occasionally with mercury, that a child that ends up autistic already has the autistic genes but those bad batches set it off...
So I and I thought, we..had agreed to find a facility that would spread the shots out and do the ones from the bundles one at a time...further, an infant doesn't need a tetanus shot I think that can wait til he's a little more mobile

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 12, 2014, 10:01:04 AM »
What's ncm stand for?

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 11, 2014, 11:07:35 AM »
Well maybe you guys are right I don't know.. or maybe I don't need people to share their stories to explain how fucked up the system really is.. or maybe not right a book.. I was just trying to think of a positive productive way to keep my mind off things.

Btw today his mother vaccinated my almost 6 month old son with all the harmful vaccines we previously said we weren't going to give him or at the least break them up into smaller shots...All at once, without my permission, without my knowledge til just now!

Father's Issues / Re: a book about our lives
« on: Sep 10, 2014, 07:30:05 PM »
Hah mine too...hopefully you guys can keep it under 3 or 4 pages!

Father's Issues / a book about our lives
« on: Sep 10, 2014, 05:06:23 PM »
Hi my name is cory..
I'm currently going through my own problems right now. I have a son that I miss like crazy every day and an ex I'd like to push off a cliff lol.. but I want to publish a book. I'm not a writer ha, I run a concrete pump for a living!
But I feel I need a project during this time when thing are not so well.
I'm asking each of you fathers to write me a letter telling me your story, Hopefully there's a few with a happy ending ;D

Please send your letters to:
Cory burkhart
2926 s. Gordon Ave
Wichita, ks 67217 USA

Or you can email them to me  corytburkhart  gmail.com

Thanks guys

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