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I have an attorney (who I highly suspect is a bad apple who plays both side of my case) that is refusing to withdraw as my attorney of record.

For tactical reasons beyond the scope of this post, I think the attorney wants to be the one served papers not me.

If I am too harsh with this attorney, I am confident that he will sabotage my case even more than he already has.

I have put in a complaint with the bar on the attorney in the past to no avail (of course). The only thing that accomplished was him withdrawing as attorney of record.

Shame on me, I went with this creep again. The interesting thing is, this attorney never wants to talk to me, is always too busy, raises his voice at me for no reason.....but is adimate to remain attorney of record.

What on earth do I do to gently get this guy off my case?


Child Support Issues / Post majority child support question
« on: Apr 04, 2017, 06:36:16 PM »
I have posted in the past and have had every day of 18 years to think of my next move. In summary, CP was able to grease a psychiatrist (yes you read that correctly he sees a psychiatrist in part for COUNSELING not a psychologist) into asserting a diagnosis that my child is mentally ill. My hypothesis is that this was done so CP can collect child support as long as possible....perhaps even for life. The child is already on a 504 plan in a very progressive area of the country.

The child is now failing their junior year and I speculate that the child will be left back. According to the order:

Child support continues until the age of 18, however if the child is over 18 enrolled in high school full-time and expected to graduate by the age of 19, support for that child shall continue until high school graduation or the age of 19, whichever comes first.

The child will turn 18 this year in September. I suspect that the mental illness card will be pulled right after child fails their junior year and CP will file a motion to modify child support post majority based upon child's mental illness.

I have no access to my child even though I have "shared parental responsibility". The child has been convinced that I am bad and the judge will not force the child to see me.

I have to be discrete in any effort to prove that my child is off having a good old time while racketeering with the CP.

However if I blow my cover the CP will surely take action of some sort against me. CP essentially advised me to stand down or CP would make my life a living hell. Even the lawyers agree that I should shut up and do exactly what CP says.

When my child was first diagnosed as "mentally ill" a few years ago and was sent to the hospital a few years ago, I spoke with the admitting psychologist at that time who was very adamant that the mental illness situation was essentially fraud by the CP. I was so overwhelmed with the situation at the time that I didn't take good notes. I was thinking of reaching out to that person again, but they are unlikely to remember our conversation and may develop amnesia if they suspect that I am using their words as a testimony. Would you reach out to that person? I am 1000 miles away from that area. That person is more than likely no longer working there. I DO have all of the medical records for that incident and do have that person's name. EDIT: On second thought, I don't want to give CP any ideas on post majority support if this is not what is on their mind....but I have been VERY accurate in every predicition of my case....right down to never seeing my child again. Everyone thought that I was nuts, even my counselor at the time did when I told him that I only wanted counseling because I knew that I'd never see my child again and simply wanted to shut the rest out and learn to cope with that.

Also, I am surprised that no lawyer I have ever spoken with has brought up the idea of using a private investigator as a proactive measure in this case. Everyone in the system seems so beat down and helpless including the lawyers.

Might you hire a PI to see if the child is working/driving...doing things that some normal 17 year olds do? If I try to get child's driver's license....the State will surely send the record back to the CP "accidentally" thereby irritating the CP into taking action against me.

I have 3 different attorneys (even my phone attorney who specializes in Family Law) telling me stand down and don't do a thing. Just see what happens.

Any speaking with the child's teachers results in a tattle tale situation and is very dangerous to my case. I can see my child's grades (nearly straight F's in the last quarter), but all the child has to do is change the password and it's game over until I jump through 50 hoops to regain access as usual.

By the way, the initial alleged diagnosis of mental illness was supposedly due to induction of drug use. Someone at my job asked me if post majority child support could be awarded if the situation was self-induced. I like the idea, but in the world of "family" law, I bet how it allegedly happened is meaningless. By the way, his diagnosis is "severe anxiety", but that I am confident (even my lawyers are confident) that could be changed at the drop of a hat.

Any idea whether an alleged mental illness which was self induced can be used as a defense to post majority child support?



This is golden, thank you both.

I don't talk to the CP and the CP threatens to take me to court if I ask anything at all. I am concerned, because after my child turns 18, I don't think that I'll legally have access to the child's grades even though I have "shared parental responsibility"....what a term!

I am thousands of miles away from the child. I have no guarantee that they will even attend a graduation ceremony, so that might not even be public information.

I have no access to child, not a word in a long time.

Any ideas?


Thanks for taking a stab at it. The individual teachers have email addresses. I might leverage that or I might stay quiet. I have used the letter on the site and modified it over time and it has worked just fine. The only problem is that the teachers tend to run to CP like my contacting them is a fraud alert on a credit report lol!

I like the superintendent idea! By the time it trickles down, they might respect my privacy concern. The CP has a right to privacy every day they exist. Why can't I....just for a moment you know?

DMV....CP might be trying to get post majority support asserting that the child is mentally ill. I think that any records I can obtain before my child turns 18 might help to show that child isn't mentally ill. CP has the backing of a corrupt psychologist unfortunately. An ounce of prevention now might assist before it becomes too late! There are 3rd party proxies that can provide that information, but I don't know if they can give me that information with just the SS# and DOB. I guess that I'll be finding out soon!

Thank you.

I am trying to build a defense against something I figure that CP may be trying to do. I'd like to know if any law e.g. FERPA gives me the right to private teleconferences with the teacher. I'd also like access to my child's driving record...but I am afraid that the DMV will send the information to CP's house blowing my case.

Everytime I call the school, they notify CP as if I am an alien.....but the sky has fallen for years on end at the school concerning my child and I am never notified.

Any ideas on being discrete? I'd hate to ask them to be discrete and then have them tell the CP.

I have so called "shared parental responsibility", but the CP threatens to take me to court if I do anything against their wishes and the judge is always on CP's side.

I am thousands of miles away from that State's DMV and child's school. This must be done telephonically. The principal is super nasty with me.

Thanks for any advice!

Chit Chat / So what are Donald Trump's viewpoints towards the NCP?
« on: Feb 07, 2017, 09:53:21 PM »
He has remained amazingly silent from what I can see.....like most presidents.
The only positive that I can see is that he did not repeal Obama's law on immunizing non custodial parents who are in jail from establishing additional arrears.

As if that was a big deal anyway. Analogous to the taste of a saltine cracker after a week without eating.

Just curious.

Lol! I use sarcasm...and they lie about it...then they come back and contradict themselves in writing. Amazing!

They always cough up the records....but it is a matter of keeping my requests private. Any "right" that exercise might put CP in the mode of requesting more money.

I'd really like to know what rights to privacy I have from the other parent when requesting things. I wonder if I have any at all...its so obscure!

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