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Moms Without Custody / False allegations
« on: Jul 21, 2016, 06:56:05 AM »
 My son was recently taken by CPS and false allegations they showed up at my house and said that they had received a call saying I had needles and pipes all over and that I jzwas recently in the high speed chase with my son in the car they also said that iff I did not let them in that they would take him they just wanted to make sure that there was no paraphernalia for drugs or any danger  at first they said no but then they called cups and the cups said that they would come in and make sure that CPS didn't do anything funny Lake try to pull any stunts and they seemed really sincere and since I didn't have anything to hide I let them in. They snooped round then she said (the CPS worker  )said   After they didn't find anything of the sort that was in the allegations she then said that if I didn't let her talk to my son she was going to take custody of him right then and there and so I did and she asked him if there was needles around rverv he said no and then the cops started talking to me so I don't know what else she asked him, but I can assume it probably confused him he's never seen anything like that.  Then they said that if I didn't sign a protective plan making him go to my moms house that that they would  take custody of him right there and then and put him in the system so I had no choice because she found a bottle of bleach on the floor but the cap was on I did laundry the night before.and my medication was  on The Counter but it was also Capped . They still said that they were accessible to Donovan my son who is five and that it was neglect to have those things so accessible to a five-year-old an they still said that they were accessible to Donovan my son who is five and that it was neglect to have those things so accessible to a five-year-old.  I went to my first court date and they ordered My mom to be a temporary quardiAn custody.
 However this is not the first time CPS has come to visit me there has been allegations in the past that I was a drug dealer that I was a getaway driver that I was a prostitute but they have never been able to prove any of it is just people that have been trying to see me Leeseme son and see me down and now people I shouldn't never let my life .anyway at the court they said that I refuse a UA and that they want to have a release to my doctors but I don't want to give them this because I don't want them to scare my doctor or say something that will make my doctor thing that I'm using. He just gave me  a couple months ago and it was clean. What should I do can anybody please give me some advice

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