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Child Support Issues / Non-Custodial Parent means?
« on: Feb 28, 2007, 08:55:23 AM »
So, people to cover there enterests, have continously tried to demean me, to no avail. So here is one for you to try.
Non Custodial parent means? there is no Deffinition in the United States Code, nor is there a Deffinition in the Corresponding CFR's"Code of Federal Regulations" title IV-d Agencies, are bound by the United States Code, and corresponding regulations as demanded by the Federal Admistrative Procedures Act. You state Agencies, in enrolling in Title IV'd of the Social Security Act, under the compact Clause are bound by the code and regualtions, which have no meaning(Deffinition) of a NCP.

Now there was a deffinition of an ABSENT parent, which was changed to a NCP in 1996 under Public law 104-193, 1996, Hr 3734.
Which defined an absent parent as one not in the household.
Of course the other favorite word is "Obligor" which is one who is bound by a contract,written or consentual to perform a favor, or obligation to another, a service, generaly of monetary praportion.

So what is a custodial parent, and what is a NCP, one who deosn't reside in the house? who's house?
One who has the children more of the year?
If you have children, there inherent, so is youre rights to youre children, so why ask to be granted?
Granted is permissive, its a request for what you are already entitled to.
Why ask for permission for what is morally, legaly, and inherently mine?
Granted is restrictive, open to change, not absolute.

I asked the federal department of Health and Human  Services,"Administration for Families" because I know for fact no authority exists to do it ...."under what codes and corresponding regulations is there authority to make a legal gaurdian, and physical Custodian an obligor" if two people have shared custody,"Equal time with there child on paper" and both Hold more importantly LEGAL Custody of there child"Neither one above the other" then how can there be an obligor" minding you, I never consented to be an obligor"?
They won't, and cannot answer the question.
And no there is no deffinition on this state side, nor is there any written law or regulations, statuatorily, nor Administratively.

Child Support Issues / child support and the undeniable true facts
« on: Dec 27, 2005, 11:17:15 AM »
Under the 1935 social secuity act congress created the welfare states and public rights outside of the constitution under social security. Later on the revisation of child support came with URESA and UFSA.etc.. all under title IV-D of the social security act. The stipulations put upon the states by congress to be elligable for federal monies was that they had to have state plans and enter into cooperative agrreements (contracts) with the courts and other entities of the state to receive federal financial participation and encentives, kickbacks. The people have been led on a ruse beleiving it is all for the benefit of the child"ren" however under the state plan"s" you will find out who realy benfits from the support and why the states pursue it so hard. what people need to do is file a FOIA for the state plan in that state and a FOIA for the list of cooperative agreements as required under title 45 of the code of federal regulations.

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