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Dear Socrateaser / To sign or not to sign.....
« on: Jun 26, 2006, 01:47:28 PM »
I am going to court for the first time on Wednesday in VA for custody/visitation, paternity, child support etc.  (I already got the paternity test and thankfully he is my son.)

I have 2 questions:
A) If I am representing myself and I don’t get joint/legal/shared parenting then I don’t have to sign the judge’s order so that I can appeal, correct?  

B) I live more than 100 miles from my son.  I read in the “Father’s Emergency Guide to Divorce and Custody” that I can ask for a reduction in child support for travel and long distance call expenses but it didn’t say what percent it could be reduced.  Any idea?

Thank you

Father's Issues / What to expect..
« on: Jun 13, 2006, 09:34:41 AM »
I am looking for information on what we should bring to court in VA and what we should expect from our first meeting with the judge.   We will be discussing child support, custody, visitation etc.
My husbands was not married to his son's mother.  His son is 9 years old.  We feel his son would be better off with us for a few main reasons, A) The schools in our area are much better according to SOL results
B) His son is 9 and doesn't have his own room or his own bed.  He either sleeps with his mother or her brother.
C) The mother doesn't seem to have her sons best interest in mind.  She tells her son that his father doesn't love him and doesn't want to see him which is far from the truth.

My husband pays support every month, calls his son every week but often calls aren't returned, she hangs up or if she doesn't get what she wants she hangs up.
Are there any father support groups in the Hampton Roads, VA area?

What should we bring to court and what questions should we be prepared for?
Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you

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