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Visitation Issues / Looking for anyone with insight or experience
« on: Jun 17, 2009, 02:26:01 PM »
X and I share 50/50 custody of DS who is 5 and will start kindergarten in August.  Right now we do a 2/2/3 rotation which gives every other weekend as 3 nights and each with two nights during the week.
I tend to get ahead of myself worrying or thinking about things so that's where my question comes in.
Does anyone have any anectodal or other information on this type of rotation with older elementary kids?  I've got no problem with this set up for Kindergarten and probably even first grade, but my feeling (and it's only my gut feeling) is that we should go with a week to week rotation when he is older.
 With homework, spelling lists etc. picking up more and more with each grade, I feel like it would be better for DS to have alternating weeks with each of us so that we can appropriately track homework etc.  Plus I think it will be easier for DS to focus on school each week.
X has balked at going with alternating weeks and I think that's because he doesn't want DS for that long a stretch of time. 
I know I'm worrying about something that won't come up for 1 to 2 years, but I'm trying to do a little homework.
X and I live in the same elementary, middle school and high school districts.  In fact we only live about 4 blocks apart. 

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