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Chit Chat / A personal pet peeve is ADOPTION:
« on: Jan 21, 2008, 07:10:07 PM »
I cannot tolerate the word adoption being mis-applied to animals or highway lanes.  I believe that I BUY a pet and adopt children.  I believe that I COMMIT to clean a highway section.  Neither of these situations is necessarily a lifetime commitment.  
I can give away my dog or cat if I develop allergies, or if I just get tired of taking care of them.  I can declare that time constraints prevent me from cleaning up the highway.  But I have a lifetime of devotion and love for my son who WAS adopted at birth.  I have a commitment to him that in no way compares to a dog or cat.  I can't quit when it gets hard.  I can't walk away because I'm busy.  Nor would I want to.
Don't tell me that a dog or cat are just like children to you.  Bull.  They're pets.  
Using the word adoption in relation to buying a dog, cat or other animal cheapens the very personal and meaningful way that I built my family.  

From the Oregon Child Support Porgram to me (who receives no child support at all!!)

Dear Child Support Customer:

You have received this postcard as an Oregon Child Support Program (CSP) customer who receives no public assistance.  ("No public assistance" means that an obligee, child or child attending school has never received cash assistance, such as TANF or AFDC.  Other types of aid, such as food stanps and child care tax credit, are not considered cash assistance.)

Please note that effective October 1,2007, CSP will begin collecting an annual $25 fee from an obligee when at least $500 has been paid to the family and no public assistance has been provided to the obligee, child or child attending school.  The fee will be deducted from the next child support payment after the first $500 is received.  The $25 fee is required by federal law (45 CFR 302.33).

If you have questions about this new fee, call 1-866 XXX-XXXX.

So of course, I call.  This fee was federally enacted to -hold onto yourself- reduce the federal deficit with 2/3 going to the feds and 1/3 going to the state to offset child support collection efforts.

I'm so sad that by not getting any child support at all, I won't be able to reduce the federal deficit.  So be looking for your postcard boys and girls.  Sigh.....

Dear Socrateaser / to the new poster named "Socrateaser"
« on: Mar 06, 2008, 01:56:04 PM »
Never mind....I see what happened....blush!

Dear Socrateaser / Teen returning home
« on: Dec 29, 2006, 11:10:55 PM »
Dear Soc,

Both parents in OR.  Case in OR.
Father current CP, Mom NCP.  Teen is 15 years.  Parents live approx 75 minutes commute apart in different towns and school districts.  Son lived with father since 1/1/06 and lost credit for courses not completed in his hometown school.  

Supplemental Judgement filed 3/13/06 transferring sole legal custody of son to father for a temporary period ending 12/31/06 if son did not maintain a 2.6 GPA.  Son had approx. a 0.5 GPA for the term currently in session (and it will end 1/31/07).  Son expresses to his mother the desire to return to his hometown and former high school.  Father has now in November agreed that son shows symptoms of a learning disorder but is

Direct working of the order is "If, as of 12/31/06, son had a GPA of at least 2.6 and it is determined that son wishes to remain in dad's town, then custody and parenting time will continue as described in Section 1 of this agreement.  If either of theses conditions are not met, then, as of 1/1/07, unless the parents agree otherwise, the mother will have sole legal custody of son, and parenting time will revert to that plan in effect immediately prior to this agreement".  

1.  Does mother need to file any order with the court to regain custody that seems to be expressed in the current order?

2.  It is the mother's plan that completing the semester is more important than having child not get any credit at all for his work (if his time can be called that with a GPA that low).  Is leaving son there for a month likely to cause problems with custody?

Thanks Soc.  I've learned so much from you.  

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