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Child Support Issues / Can CS be paid in lump sum?
« on: Jan 29, 2008, 11:28:30 PM »
My bf's ex told him she's tired of haggling over every $20 copay and school expense. She proposed that they figure out roughly what CS and shared expenses will add up to until their youngest turns 18, and have him pay his share up front. She would sign a Satisfaction of Judgment at that point.

She says that she will always have a low enough income that the kids will be able to go to college for free.

My bf is tempted by this offer, and would love to not have to deal with her any more. However, I wondered what she could be up to. A couple things struck me about this scenario:

1) She is studying for a state exam which will allow her to keep her job. I asked him if maybe she is expecting to get a raise if she passes, and thus doesn't want her CS to be recalculated and go down. She seems too eager for this.

2) This is Oregon, where children attending school become parties to the case. I am betting that the judgment cannot be satisfied until the children are no longer attending school.

3) She is a poor money manager. She bought a house with her share of the equity in the marital home, sold it a few years later, and has lived in an apartment since. She frittered away $25,000 equity on vacations, car, etc. Once she goes through this settlement, will she be able to take him back to court for any further support?

4) I advised him to find a free initial consultation with an attorney and find out if this is a) possible and b) advisable.

Anyone have any insights?

Custody Issues / Outrageous case in Missouri
« on: Dec 31, 2004, 09:20:11 PM »
I'm posting this on behalf of someone I've never met, but she's my childhood best friend's sister's friend. Her name is Laurie, she has two sons, and she lives in Missouri. She was married to an abusive man, a former brainwashing expert for the military. When she dared to file for divorce, he told her he would get the children and make sure she never saw them again. Well, it would appear he has done this, unless a miracle happens for Laurie. He had her charged with 11 counts of sexual abuse against their boys. She lost her job as an aide at a school because of these bogus charges. He managed to get one count to stick. The grounds? She came out of the shower several years ago and one of the boys caught a glimpse of her breasts.

She has been in jail for months and has some kind of hearing this week. My friend's sister has tried every avenue she can think of to help Laurie. Contacting women's causes, talk shows, etc. Even if she is cleared, she will be a registered sex offender for the rest of her life. The boys may be called to testify. Do you think they'll feel free to tell the truth? I think they're probably scared to death of their father.

Please, if anyone has any ideas that will help her voice be heard, please post or PM them to me. Time is running out, I know, but I just was told about this yesterday and my friend asked me to help. I've posted all I know about the case, and of course it's thirdhand information. If I find out more specifics I will post them.

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