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Child Support Issues / Kat....two more days.... :)
« on: Sep 12, 2005, 09:09:27 AM »
I'm doing my cheerleading hoorah for you! Big finish with a cartwheel and splits! Yeah your just two days away from being done! Enjoy the freedom that has been long deserved sweetie! :)

Ahhh to be the only wife now.... as far as I'm concerned the ex wife never existed now that we don't have to pay her any money. It's a beautiful life.

Dh paid our last cs payment yesterday. Of course they changed us $70 in arrearage (funny it's been pulled right from his paycheck from day #1 so how he was behind is a wonder but now it's over. We waited fourteen years (wow that seemed like a long time but then not so long too) for it to end and since we have not seen sd in 9 years due to a severe PAS issue with her mother (that nobody seemed to think was her fault, just ours for not trying hard enough...yeah whatever) we are done.

Now what to do with all that money that we earn and get to keep now. We are buying a RV to take on famliy vacations and we'll be able to afford them, we're paying off a few bills that have been lingering and we are just going to live a little easeir from now on. Ahhhhh life is sweet!

Thanks for letting me air this out here where everyone knows just what I'm talking about. I'll be anxious to see what sd does with the huge amount of $$ that her grandparents have been giving her the last 18 years (over $200,000 in the bank she gets when she turns 18 next week). I hope somebody has taught her to have more sence then her mother has or she'll blow it on new cars,beer and parties and hopefully still end up alive.  

Uggggghhhh! We have nine more weeks of child support left and sd turns 18 on Sept 1st. Two weeks ago dh got papers to sign and send in wanting us to tell when we thought she would be emancipated and the ex also got the same papers. Today dh called to see when they payment would end and csb said we would be done the first but would still have to pay two weeks after her birthday because we owe them fees for stopping the child support. It's not like we don't pay them poundage every week towards for this so why do we have to pay for the whole month since it's only one day? Dh asked if they could pull the amount the week prior and they said that's not how their computers work. Yeah they only screw the dads not themselves. So is there any way to fight over $100 worth of fees that are for only one day of the month? Can we pay for that extra week in August and be done before Sept to be able to skip the fees? I just wondered how this whole thing works.

Thanks for listening. Dh says let it go we are finally done and we can't change things but I say hey it's our money and we've waited 15 years to finally get it.

It seems like forever ago since I posted that we had a year and a half left and here we are both going to be done with cs in just a few short months. YEAH!! My dh's pay will cover all our bills and we will still have money left over. I'll still work but we won't have to depend on my income and can use it for things we both want, a new van, dh wants to go on a hunting trip to Colorado with some friends, we can actually afford to pay for cheerleading that our dd is doing. I won't have to skip a house payment in a 5 pay month just to buy school clothes. I can use what we paid her and buy for all four of the school age kids with no problems. :)

Finally we can see the end of the rainbow....isn't it grand?

We only have ten months and 25 days left to pay the ex for doing absolutley nothing with dh's oldest dd. Dh and I met when sd was 4 so this has been a long time coming and I get so excited every time another month passes and we're just that much closer to ending her free ride on the child support express!

Her son (from her second marriage) was talking on the bus yesterday that his mom bought a tanning bed for their house. :o I know she was always pale as can be and latley she has been pretty tan but she won't go out in public much because she's gotten fat since she quit smoking. So now she can tan at home. I'm sure she's fretting when the cs ends in 11 more months. I'm wondering how she will afford to lease her car the next time since she gets a new one every two years and she won't have cs to pay for the next one.

Today sd turns 17 so we don't have a yearly count down to cs stopping we have a monthly! I'm so excited about this. The ex has not worked since the child was 4 and has lived on cs and her dh's pay plus the 10 grand that her grandma gives her every year (the women in her family just don't work...it's beneath them so grandma pays them so they can stay home,even after their kids are grown and don't need their mommy full time):o

I met dh when sd was almost 5 and have waited years to see the money that he earns finally come to him. It would be different if the ex at least tried to support herself and her family but when she's too good to work for her money then it's just plain bull!

So 365 days and we are done! :) I can't wait!

Child Support Issues / Anyone ever hear of this??
« on: Aug 18, 2004, 08:37:03 PM »
Sd turns 17 in two weeks and last year BM took us back for more support. When they modified it they told dh and Bm that half way through this year they will send each of them a letter and ask them when they think cs should end.

The divorce papers that we have state that it ends when sd turns 18 or graduates from high school. So as far as we say it will not go on any longer then her 18th birthday. Why do they think they need to ask? Why does bm have any choice in the matter? As far as she is concerned I'm sure she would want it to contine forever.

Can they really extend it any longer if the court ordered divorce papers state when it ends?

Child Support Issues / How can this be?
« on: Aug 06, 2004, 10:35:17 AM »
I have a friend who's daughter is in a custody battle with her ex husband. This man is a real loser. He has four kids with four different mothers and pays no child support for ANY of them because he claims he does not work. (He was only ever married to this woman and that only lasted 3 months because he was seeing ANOTHER woman).

So at the last court date the court advocate said she thinks they want to give custody of the child to the father. I don't think it's a bad idea as the mom is odd but I think both parents are not good parents. I just wonder why they would take a man who is thousands of dollars behind in child support to 4 different children and not put his darned butt in jail.

If my dh were late (which he never ever has been) they would be on his butt like flies on poop! And that I know. So why can some men just walk away and pay nothing while others like us are paying more then we can ever afford and nobody seems to care? I guess the mother of the oldest child doesn't want child support because if he pays then she will have to give him visitation and she doesn't want him to have anything to do with the child.

The courts know where to find this guy,he is in the court house a lot fighting to get this child. Why is he allowed to just walk away from what his children are due?

Heck my dh's ex has not lifted a bleach blond,fake tanned finger in 14 years but she "showed a need" for more money last year and took us back to court....yeah like our kids are getting reduced lunches and wearing school clothes from the re-sale shop because we're rolling in the dough.

Sorry but this really REALLY makes me MAD. Our court systems really S*C*!

Child Support Issues / Kat
« on: Jan 29, 2004, 02:41:59 PM »
Hey our cs ends in Sept of  2005 too. :)

Maybe we could get together and have a party. We will be able to drive my new car that I am buying the day this crap is over. I have an 11 year old van that has to last until then because we can't afford two car payments now. The evil ex buys a new car every three years and bought her last one last summer so I figure this will be her last new car.

We are only slightly worried that sd will flunk this year of home schooling and we will have to pay for another year if she chooses to attend school until she turns 19. Dh says she's such a waste that he can't imagine her going another year in public school where everyone dislikes her. She's evil just like her mom and it's not just me...she has no friends and her mom pulled her out of school to home school her and make it easier for her. Yeah right.

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