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I'm supposed to complete a financial fact sheet for Child Support Enforcement in Wisconsin and list my income, expenses and assets. I'm also supposed to submit tax returns which is easy this time because of being single previous tax years.  (I remarried in March)

DH and I have one joint checking and a joint savings. DH earns almost 2x what I do, so splitting expenses down the middle wouldn't work. Some debts are exclusively mine- my car, my credit card debt, my student loan. Should I give facts and figures based on my budget from my single days? How do I figure in the house stuff?

Background: DH has no children.  XH and I have one son.  All along I have asked for 1/2 of daycare and 1/2 of uninsured med and insurance, which has always been less than the 17% in WI.

TIA guys!


Visitation Issues / nm
« on: Aug 03, 2005, 09:16:23 AM »

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