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Second Families / Just needing to vent
« on: Feb 27, 2007, 02:34:55 PM »
After a great weekend with the kids, we were dropping them off at BM's house. BM and her boyfriend were outside.  She immediately comes over to the car and tells the kids to go in the house.  No goodbyes to us...nothing.  The kids were trying to talk to us but she kept telling them to go in the house.  My husband gets their bags and puts them in the yard beside the driveway since BM won't even let them get their bags out of the car.  Just as we were about to drive off, BM picks up the bags (suitcases) and hits the side of my car with them!!!!! Can you believe that???!!!! I was shaking I was so mad.  Then to top it off her and her boyfriend shoot us a bird!!!! My SS who is 7 was standing on the porch and witnessed all of this!!!! So of course we had to call the police and file a report.  I can't believe that she would do that....well actually I can but still.  It didn't damage the car too bad but there are several scratches.  I just cannot believe the lengths that she will go to to try and make us mad or say something.

Several days after this my oldest SD told us that she went in the house and told them that we were harrassing them and yelling at them.  Which is a lie and we can prove it because we recorded it.  She is always up to something to try to make the kids turn against us.  I think that they have learned by now that not everything they hear is true.

Anyways just needed to vent!!

Visitation Issues / Will she ever quit??????
« on: Dec 13, 2006, 03:05:22 PM »
Here's the story.  My husband's ex wife is a monster!!! She tries to make our lives miserable in order to make herself look good.  She tells the children horrible things about us all the time in order to turn them against us.  After a long time of anger and hurt the children are finally starting to see through the lies she tells about us and realize that we (me especially-the stepmom) are good people who love them very much.
She always twists and turns around words in the divorce papers so that visitation is convenient for her.  In the divorce papers it says that we get the children every 2nd and 4th weekends of the month.  It also says that on even numbered years that we get the children from Dec. 26-Jan 1st for Christmas visitation.  Well it happens to be that the 4th weekend is Dec. 22,23, and 24th this month.  This should be our weekend.  We would take them home at 5:30 on the 24th and then pick them up again on the 26th at 5:30 and they would stay with us until Jan. 1st.  We have already told the children that they will stay with us again before Christmas and even told them that they can open one gift and save the rest until they come stay with us for a week to do our Christmas.
Well the monster decides that that's not good for her and calls and leaves us an ugly message saying that she is to have visitation that week and that we will NOT be getting the children that weekend.  She then says that the papers say that she has visitation that week since Christmas falls on a weekend.  The divorce papers say NOTHING about her visitation only my husband's!!  And Christmas is on MONDAY.  It does not fall on the weekend.
We have tried to talk to our lawyer about this and all that he really has to say is "that's just too bad for you" or "that's the life of a divorced father and you will just have to get used to it".  I can't believe this!!!  I didn't realize how unfair divorces really are to some outstanding fathers like my husband.  How can she change what is written in the divorce papers?  How is that right?  If there is ever a conflict on visitation she ALWAYS gets her way even when she's in the wrong.

Any suggestions on what we should do??

Father's Issues / What is Enough to have BM in contempt???
« on: Dec 20, 2006, 12:26:09 PM »
My husband's ex is constantly violating the divorce decree.  

For each of my step children's birthdays we are to get all of them from 5:30-7:30.  On my SS birthday the BM took them out of town to visit her mother and family.  She knows that we are to get the children on their birthday.  We tried calling their house for two weeks to let him know that we were coming to pick them up.  We had no idea where they were until they got back which was several days after his birthday.  So not only did my husband not get them on his birthday, he didn't even get to talk to him on his birthday!!!!!!

Also my husband has a designated time that he can call and talk to the children. He always calls during his time because he knows that if he calls outside of his time frame the children won't be able to answer the phone.  He called one night and was talking to his son.  It took him a while to answer.  His son said (we have this recorded) "I had to ask mom if I could answer the phone because sometimes she doesn't let us answer when you call."

Another scenario.......In the papers it states that the BM and the BF are to divide spring break equally.  It says that one parent should have the beginning of the week and the other should have the last part of the week.  My husband called his ex and told her that he wanted to have the children at the end of the week if possible.  She told him (we have this on the recorder) that SHE had already made plans for the children and that he could only get them on Saturday and Sunday.  So of course again he got screwed over.

We have several other things recorded that do not go in accordinance with the divorce papers.  My question is......Is a recorded conversation enough for her to be in contempt?  If not what else would be sufficient?  

Does anyone know what rights a father has on checking his children out of school?

My husband has three children.  Two daughters, one 16 the other 11, and one son who is 7.  He received a phone call from his 16 year old daughter the other day.  She said that her little brother, who is in 1st grade, had swallowed a quarter and was choking on it and throwing up.  So my husband leaves work and rushes up to his school.  When he gets up there he is told that he is not on the emergency contact list and that he cannot check his son or daughter (at the elementary school) out.  They had tried to contact the mother but she goes to college over an hour away and has no cell phone.  There are NO other relatives who live here.  The closest ones are 2 hours away.  My husband does find out that his other DAUGHTER, who is 16 but doesn't have a car, is able to check him out.  What good is that????? She doesn't have a car so what would she be able to do if something happened??????  

Luckily his son finally threw up the quarter and didn't have to be taken to the emergency room.  

My husband's ex didn't put him on the emergency contact list nor the check out list so he can't check his own children out of school.  They have joint custody of the children.  

What are his rights as far as being able to check them out of school?  Does she have complete say so in that matter?  

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