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Virginia State Forum / custody
« on: Feb 13, 2007, 10:28:06 AM »
Thanks for the reply mamacass. My sister does have a lawyer now. When they went to court in Dec., the judge is the one that ordered the visitation. The dad picks her up at the jailhouse and if my sister doesn't let  him have her, she goes to jail. She even has to go if she is sick, the judge said to just send her meds. He doesn't want to hear anything about the dad being under investigation. They go back to court in a couple of months. If the judge doesn't stop this crazy visitation , we need to know who to notify to lodge a complaint against the judge, and the GAL . Do we contact our congressman, attorney general, governor, or who to get justice for this little girl? It is tearing her apart, she hates her dad and hates to go to visit because he treats her like dirt: telling her that he hates her and wishes she was dead. I feel like there is just no hope anymore, all we can do is pray.

Virginia State Forum / Custody
« on: Feb 04, 2007, 11:20:24 AM »
I am writing for my sister. She and her husband divorced last year in Jan. They have a 6 yr.old child. Her ex-husband used to beat my sister and is also a drug dealer, had  had a girlfriend for the last year of their marriage and literally threw my sister and their  childd out of the house.  He had been living at a summer residence. They came to live with us when he threw them out. My sister signed a joint custody agreement just to get her child to a safe place. She did not have an attorney at that time, she just wanted to get away safely with her child. There was never any visitation set up.  There were other breaches of the divorce agreement so my sister hired a lawyer and filed for full custody along with other things in the divorce agreement. Her ex-husband never called to even ask about the child until 3 days before the court hearing. He has since married the girlfriend, who we found out is a registered child sex offender, has kids of her own that she doesn't even have visitation to. Well the judge ordered visitation to the child, if not my sister goes to jail!!  The judge also ordered a Guardian ad litem for the child. The GAL will not speak to my sister, we have tried to speak to the judge to explain that the exhusband is under investigation, also to no avail. Social services has done studies and recommended that the child not return to the father's house but the GAL and judge will not listen to us. The child has also been under the care of a mental health therapist for the past year because of the mental abuse from the father and seeing him beat her mother. The therapist cannot get to talk to the GAL either. Please tell us who we need to contact to get the child removed from the father's house before she is killed in a drug deal. All help is appreciated.

Dear Socrateaser / custody question
« on: Feb 13, 2007, 10:48:36 AM »
mamacass suggested I talk to you. here is the situation. My sister divorced in Jan 2006. At the time she didn't have a lawyer and signed an agreement to joint custody of her daughter.  Her ex-husband is a drug dealer and has been under investigation for the past couple of years.  He had no contact with his daughter(she's 7) from Christmas 2005 until 3 days before their hearing in Dec. 2006(my sister has filed for full custody), he never set up any visitation.  He has no supported her financially or had anything to do with her at all. He also filed for full custody saying that we had hid her from him for the past year. This is a lie(sister and niece live with us) and since they were married for 8 years, he knew where they were and has our phone number.  My sister agreed to joint custody just to get her daughter out of the house. The exhusband used to beat my sister and my niece has witnessed this numerous times as well as him holding a gun to her head and threatening to kill her. The whole story is on the VA site under custody. When they went to court in Dec. 2006, the judge ordered visitation for the father and found my sister in contempt of court and said she would go to jail if she refused, she even has to let her go if she is sick. A GAL has been appointed for the child but refuses to speak to my sister or my niece. My sister now has a lawyer. We want to get my niece out of this house before she is killed in a bad drug deal. The  judge won't meet with us either. They go back to court in a couple of months. Who do we need to contact to get my niece out of this situation? Who can help us?

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