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Father's Issues / who has rights in drive vs. air
« on: Mar 16, 2007, 12:30:12 PM »
I have 1 week visitation rights in March, June, Sept. and 2 weeks in Dec.
In Feb. I asked the ex-wife if i could have the children on March 30- April 6.  She replied she would have to check her schedule.
And the decree says March.

I said ok. What about 3/2- 3/9.  Her reply, I will have to check my schedule.  I said, I need to know soon because the tickets are going up every day.  

I never got a reply.  On 2/14 I asked my lawyer what to do?  He said book the flight and if she does not send kids she is in contempt.  Great idea.  On 2/18 I booked the flight, non stop, 2children,then I sent one cert. letter and one reg. mail of the childrens itinerary.  She was left a notice 2/24 for the registered mail.  Which she never picked up till 3/8.

On 3/3 while talking with my daughter,(12) my daughter mentions "we will be driving down."  I call the lawyer and continue for four days negotiating what are my rights.  

My ex knew plenty in advance to get her ticket.  There is nothing in the decree stating she has to fly with the children. She first said, It would cost her $1000.  She wanted me to transfer the tickets to Dec. and she would pay the costs for the transfer.  This way she could drive.

In the end my lawyer advises me to cancel my flight tickets because my ex said they can be cancelled. (I have not checked, yet)  Why would I cancel anything?  Just because she waited to long to get a flight it becomes my problem?  Just because she is not ready to let the children fly by themselves.

I believe she will drive down, then say I am in contempt for not giving her the cost of the flight ( which is in the decree).

What rights do I have (since she does not have to fly with the children) and how can I enforce them?  How is it that I become in contempt?

Father's Issues / son and daughter
« on: Mar 15, 2007, 01:47:06 PM »
Since January when my ex (woman) left and moved to Indiana with my approval and two children. The full month I was only able to talk with children three times of the 8 times allowed. (per decree)   In February it was better with my daughter she talked about 6 min.,  but my son (8) only said he didn't want to talk to me and hung up.

I am not sure if this is typical.  My daughter (12) is like pulling teath to  talk to and is starting to say I don't have any more to say. Normally only 3 min.   Is this normal.  

Prior to this I was denied for eight months to see my children (Lawyers words, we need a court date in order for them to visit you.)

Any help?  I pray to God and He has given me peace while I am in the midst of these times.   Without Him I would be a basket case.

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