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I am a non-custotial father living in Virginia.

My ex and daughter live in Puerto Rico.

I earned less than $40K in 2000 - 2006.

The court awarded my ex $1100 cash payment PLUS insurance coverage ($130) for my 10 year old.

I went to the Virginia CS website and found that according the Commonwealth, I should pay about $450 maxium with my income and my ex's income.

My daughter is an albino.
Other than being sensitive to the sun and near-sighted, she is 100% like any other girl her age.
My ex is milking the fact that my daughter is an albino to get "special circumstances" added to my payment.

She claims she pays $650 per month on medical for my daughter and the court did not ask for any proof!!

I want to support my daughter and be apart of her life, but I also have remarried and barely can pay the rent with a CS payment of $1100 PLUS $500 for back ares.


On a side note, my daughter was born in the US, does she get any different treatment or rights?
The PR judge told her, "we protect our Puertorican children and make sure they get the proper support".  

She is a US citizen, NOT only Puertorican.

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