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Child Support Issues / 18yo - No HS Diploma Yet
« on: Jul 03, 2007, 11:19:50 AM »

Washington State

re: Parenting Plan:

3.13 TERMINATION OF SUPPORT. Support shall be paid until the children reach the age of 18 or as long as the children remain(s) enrolled in high school, whichever occurs last, except as otherwise provided below in Paragraph 3.14.

3.14 POST SECONDARY EDUCATION SUPPORT. The right to petition for post secondary support is reserved, provided that the right is excercised before support terminates as set forth in paragraph 3.13

My Son turned 18yo in February 2007. He was scheduled to graduate June of 2007. He basically flunked a grade while attending "alternative" programs such as "running start", "head start", alternative DIY at home schools...wasn't the programs fault. He is a smart kid but very lazy and his Mom takes a "hands off" approach with him. He is behind due to this laziness and not due to disabilities.

The program he is in now, as far as I know, is "Head Start". Talking to his counselor in vague generalities (I can't access his records) he can get an Associates Degree BEFORE he gets his High School Degree. (I guess the "deal" with this is as long as he doesn't have a HS Degree the state gives him free books....not that I care). What I DO care about is that I might be supporting this Adult, for who knows how long, as he gets his Associates Degree FIRST and THEN his HS Degree. Last I heard he MIGHT be done with both in December of 2007.


Since he is not in a "High School" and over 18yo do I have to pay for him? The program he is in he CAN get a HS degree but it is not a High School.

He is "off" for the Summer. Do I owe support?

Can I not pay in lew of getting his records? I don't even know how he is doing in the program.

How would the Court look at this? This is the most important question.

General comments?

HD Dad

PS I would like to post this in the "Washington" section but when I go to that sub-forum none of the issues come up. I have a login. Is login and registration one and the same?   Thank You.

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