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Father's Issues / Right of first refusal clarification
« on: Jun 12, 2008, 10:25:18 AM »
Hello and thanks for reading/replying to this post.

I have the right of first refusal written in the parenting plan and my ex-wife left for a week for her honeymoon. She told me she wasn't leaving until Sunday evening and I found out from my 8 yr old that she left Sunday morning. So her parents kept them all day without telling me. They are staying in my ex-wife's house and are being cared for by the g-ma.

Question #1: I know she was obligated to notify me so that I get first dibs on the boys, but were the grand parents obligated as well? They said that they didn't have to.

So the boys and I were shafted out of a day.

In addition, the grand parents say that I have no right to come over every evening this week because they are caring for my boys. Last night they said they already had "plans" and that I couldn't come get them. I said they needed to notify me first.

Question #2: Do I have the right to go get the boys every evening after work since my ex is out of town and return them for the night?

My ex told me that while she was gone that the parenting plan would not change. I submit that I should be able to keep them all week if I didn't work during the day.

What are your thoughts?


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