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Custody Issues / *URGENT*Can I Take Custody Of Newborn Son?
« on: Dec 30, 2008, 12:48:44 PM »
I was having an affair for 4 months with a friend who I've known for 16yrs. that lives in Texas. I've known my wife for 17yrs. & we're still married along with living in Florida. My intentions during the 4 mo. affair were to divorce my wife (no children) then move to Tx. & pursue a relationship with the affair. The first 2 months were the best I've ever experienced within a relationship but immediately after the second month the affairs true colors immerged. Within the 1st 3 months of the affair the woman was served legal documents by her 1st Husband, petitioning custody of her oldest (12yrs. old) of the 2 existing children. The woman gave up custody of her 12 yr. old daughter in this case & was served a second set of legal documents by the second husband petitioning custody of her youngest daughter. The 2nd case was dismissed & primary custody is still awarded to the woman. Legal issues such as those mentioned would drive anyone insane. However, the womans' history of phsyical & verbal abuse are coming to light. I've experienced both physical & verbal abuse with no merit. I'm staying in the relationship until our child is born Feb. 25th.. The question is, Can I take our child to Florida after he's born without going to court? What would be the consequences for taking our child with a signed AOP & my name on the Birth Certificate? If I attempt legal custody I can assure you the woman would make visitation nonexistent with my child. Like I said, we'll be living 800 mi. apart once I move back to Florida. After seeing how she handles her current custody issues with the second husband I know our son will have little to no opportunity to know me. I would prefer not taking this to court since the woman has already been subjected to a legal rollercoaster & I'm not seeking a legal battle. However, if I'm limited on my actions I will simply pay the required child support once filed & request the standardized visitation. Thank in advance for any & all suggestions.

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