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Visitation Issues / NCP rights with Parenting Time
« on: Nov 13, 2009, 05:51:57 PM »
My DH shares legal custody with his ex - he is NCP.  Beyond the CO they have agreed to extend certain holidays a full weekend (vs just the day).  This year is DH's first Thanksgiving with that agreement.
BM is not disputing DH should have the kids the entire weekend per their agreement, but she found out we're taking the girls to see my family in another state.  She's now telling him she won't allow him to have the extended time unless he gives her the address of my family.  For many reasons I do not want to do this.   
My understanding has always been that if a parent has legal custody they are free to take a child out of state on their parenting time.  Let alone give an address of where they're going.  She has no real need to know the exact location of where we're staying, but she's insisting we give it to her.  DH has always been a responsible parent.
To add to it, BM contact a 'court representative.'  DH contacted the same guy to verify what he said and  told DH that yes, DH has to provide her the information.  This goes against everything I've ever heard about legal custody.  The court guy also told BM (and DH) that since I'm married to DH now, I am now 'married' to her and my information is up for grabs.
I know this could be easily settled by giving her the information, and we'll probably do that - but the point of my post is to clairfy the rights of the NCP when he/she shares legal custody.  I'd like to know what our rights are for future issues. 

Minnesota State Forum / Taking kids out of state
« on: Nov 13, 2009, 07:55:26 AM »
Every year we go through this crap with my DH's ex.  She gets all hot and bothered because we want to take the kids to see my family (in IL).  They share legal and we know we have every right to take them where ever we want during his time.  She disagrees.  She says if we don't give her detailed information about what we're doing we can't have the kids.  I'm tired of playing her games. 
Does anyone have a site we can point her to to show her the MN statues that talks about NCP taking kids out of state?  Not sure if there even is a specific statue.  We referred her to an attorney and/or police dept. 

Minnesota State Forum / MN Medical Assistance question
« on: Jun 25, 2009, 01:58:25 PM »
Does Medical Assistance do reimbursments?

My DH and I are taking kids on vacation next week.  Youngest is on ADHD meds and is about to run out of them.  She has a new RX and the pharmacy is having a hard time getting through to MA to get it approved.  I'm thinking of just paying for it ($136), but would want to be reimbursed.

The MA is through their mom, so maybe she would have to make the claim?


Minnesota State Forum / Kids riding in the front seat
« on: Jun 18, 2009, 11:51:46 AM »
Hello!  I used to post under Crockpot...

Does anyone know the law for kids sitting in the front seat of a car?  I can't find it anywhere!  Is it an age thing, or weight and height?


My DH's ex lives about 12 miles from us now and is moving about 50 miles away - back to where she lived 2 years ago.

BM is insisting the driving be split in half.  They've been sharing the driving since BM moved the 12 miles from us (2 years ago).  Prior to that DH did all the driving (no order and BM refused, "you wanna see your kids, you have to come get them - blah, blah..."). 

Logic tells me that the parent who moves, drives.  Or does most of it.  Is that how the courts usually see it?   

Visitation Issues / BM can't afford Parenting Time Coordinator
« on: Jun 11, 2009, 10:58:59 AM »
Hello all.  I used to post under the name Crockpot for any who might remember me.

I need some input on a situaiton my DH is in.  He is NCP and BM and kids live about 10 miles away.  BM says she is moving the kids 50 miles away.  It's not happening until next summer but she's insisting on getting the new CO figured out. 

Right now, DH has EOW and overnight every Thursdays (and various holidays and 3 weeks in summer).  The move is far enough that the Thursday overnight visit won't be feasible.  The girls are in grade school.

DH and BM have been bickering back and forth in emails about how to reslove this.  BM wants to offer him 2 weekends with the kids and one weekend off (vs the EOW and Thurs nights).  Our calculations show it would reduce DH's time signficantly.  BM's response, the kids are getting older (they're 10 and 7) and they won't want to spend that much time with parents soon anyway.  Oh, and bonds between kids and parents are made young in life so, it's OK if he doesn't seem them that much anymore.   

DH wants every weekend, giving BM the option of 5-6 weekends a year she can keep the girls for family functions.  On average this would be about the same overnights he has now (52 more for the extra 26 weekends = 52 Thurs. he'd miss.) 

So, here we are.  The divorce states they must use a parenting coordinator before going to court.  Since who pays the coordinator is not specified an attorney told us it would be split evenly. 

BM says she can't afford to pay a coordinator.  We can't really either, but we'll manage.

Any suggestions on what to do?  I'm assuming we can go to court and tell the judge BM can't afford a coordinatior, but I'm afraid we'll be stuck with 100% of the bill (because BM wants to move 'just because.') 

Crap, no spell check...  Sorry! 

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