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And The Truth Continues...

There is an opportunity for the Truth To Be Told To Mllions.

[FONT SIZE=+2]Krights' recent report "Illegal and Immoral"  has been chosen for a public vote by Current-TV  to appear on their Television Network. [/FONT]

Krights is asking for your Vote to "Greenlight",  this submission.

We need your vote!

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We are stunned, and ask you to help Push The Truth Through. Krights is simply the messenger, you are the suffered!

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From Krights Thank You - Where The Truth Continues...

----- Original Message -----

From: nikky@icdus.com
To: yikes@jhrcic.org
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 5:16 AM

Subject: Hands in the child support cookie jar

The child support enforcement bureaucracy is rife with embezzlement and
corruption.  The bureaucracy is so big, and so much cash changes hands,
that there is bound to be significant problems with greed, extortion and

A couple of years ago, a Philadelphia child support caseworker as convicted for stealing more than $8,000 in cash from child support payors.  The payors were being jailed and were arguing that they'd paid in cash and showed receipts.  It is believed that more than 1 person was involved in stealing child support payments.

There are stories from around the country about this.  A clerk in NJ was
convicted of embezzling over $40,000 in all types of funds, including child
support payments.

Bruce Eden, Director, Fathers Rights Association of New Jersey &
Mid-Atlantic Region

DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)--New Jersey & New York Chapters



Hearing set to allow plea change

By Jim Gaines, jgaines@bgdailynews.com -- 270-783-3242

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Former Warren County Attorney Mike Caudill's hearing to change his plea on  federal charges to guilty was set in a quick phone conversation with U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell in Paducah this morning.
Caudill, facing a federal embezzlement charge as well as two state theft
charges, was represented by his attorney and longtime friend, local lawyer
David Broderick.

"Mr. Caudill's hearing on a change of plea is going to be Feb. 8 at 12
o'clock," Broderick said today.

Caudill served as county attorney for 25 years, but resigned April 1.
Beginning in February 2004, the Kentucky Attorney General's Office Public
Corruption Unit, in conjunction with local police agencies, searched
Caudill's office three times while investigating allegations of misuse of

He resigned his law license under terms of permanent disbarment, and
agreed to change his pleas to guilty in return for a recommended sentence.

The federal government's offer to settle, made last fall, specifies one
count of embezzling money "belonging to the United States or under a
program contracted by the United States."

Caudill, as county attorney, contracted to perform child-support
collection work for the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services. He
received about $4,000 a month from January 2001 through March 2004 for
time allegedly worked on child support cases ¬ but was submitting false
invoices for his time, and took more than $15,000 for work he didn't do,
 according to James Vines, acting U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee.

The crime is federal because Caudill was paid with federal funds channeled
through the state.

The charge carries a recommended sentence of 10 to 16 months in prison,
but the final decision is up to federal district court.

Caudill would have to serve at least half the minimum term of
imprisonment, not including a halfway house, home detention or community  confinement. Federal prosecutors agreed not to oppose Caudill's request to  be in the closest prison to Bowling Green that his security level allows.

He agreed to pay $15,000 restitution to CHFS child support, $138.88 per
month for nine years.

The deal contains no agreement on fines and costs. The class C felony can
carry a fine up to $250,000 and no more than three years of supervised

Another plea deal from November dealt with two state counts of theft by
unlawful taking over $300, a class D felony that carries a one- to
five-year sentence.

The first count alleges that between July 1, 2002, and Nov. 13, 2003,
Caudill collected fees for bad checks as county attorney, depositing them  in an office account, and transferred $56,100 from the bad-check account into his private business checking account.

The second state count dealt with a November 2000 personal-injury lawsuit  in which Caudill represented Wallace Charles Meeks of Smiths Grove as a private attorney. As part of that case's settlement, Caudill put $8,000 in  escrow to pay liens by Medicare and Anthem Insurance Co.

Between June 20, 2003, and Nov. 6, 2003, he transferred that money in four  increments into his business checking account, the plea deal states.

Caudill agreed to serve a one-year sentence on each count. The sentences
will run concurrently and with his federal sentence on embezzlement charges.

He will be required to repay $56,100 to Warren County Fiscal Court, plus
any further money found to be missing from the county attorney's
delinquent-tax payment account.

Caudill will pay $300 per month until he sells any property in which he
has an interest. That money will go first to the state.

After a hearing Dec. 8 in Warren Circuit Court at which the signed plea
agreement was presented, Caudill was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond.

Caudill is still recuperating from an Oct. 14 stroke, and is trying to
strengthen himself enough to undergo heart surgery, according to Broderick.

The hearing Feb. 8 will finalize Caudill's federal plea agreement, he said.
"And then we'll wait for sentencing in both courts," Broderick said.
Sentencing dates will be set after the Feb. 8 hearing, he said.

Child Support Issues / CSEA TV Report
« on: Dec 07, 2004, 08:48:21 AM »
From: Chad Kennedy [mailto:ckennedy4@w...]

I have to say that I was very disappointed in the story on channel 7 news(WHIO TV Dayton, Ohio).

First, it was reported as a call into waste busters, which it was not. It was a response email to the deadbeat story they aired. Second, they aired about 15 seconds of a 15 minute conversation and the only thing they had me saying on behalf of noncustodial parents was that when a man gets into arrears they should ask why. And third, they aired the remaining majority of the story about a lady who had been after her ex for 17 years and was behind $45,000 complete with showing his picture and her opinion that they should get even tougher.

Jim Otte stated father's would take their fight to Columbus next year when Ohio considers changes and Cheryl McHenery ended with how there is X billion dollars owed by noncustodial parents.

I apologize for the let down as I had been approached by many after seeing the promising advertisements that perhaps a fraction of our issues would be broadcast. I warned with caution that we don't know how the story will be framed when it finally airs. We are, however, used to this disappointment like Don Hubin being told his minority report would not be included in the final recommendations from the guideline council to the legislature.

 There are those that do put out the entire story, like the newspaper I recently said would publish my editorial in it's entirety and who wants to do a follow-up story on the facts. I hope that everyone shares their disappointment with channel 7 by emailing Jim Otte and letting him know where you have been. Cc: Otte, Jim (CBI-Dayton); 7online@w...
Subject: Channel 7 Report

I have my own questions like, Jim:

1. Where was the fact that the recommendations by the council include a 23-1117% increase in support (you had a picture of the report)?

2. Why are noncustodial parents held to the unattainable standard of nevergetting sick, never becoming disabled, and never losing a job in a poor economy?

3. Why is the noncustodial parent representative's minority report not being included in the final recommendations like it was in the two councils prior (you had a picture of this report, too)?

4. Why can they take 50% of a payers gross pay and still expect him to live (actually 65% or 55% if you have subsequent children)?

5. Why they aren't looking at the flaws in the income shares model when there is more appropriate models like cost shares?

6. Why is paternity fraud condoned OR kids treated unequally in and out of an order OR judges not granting deviations when noncustodial parents request it?

7. Why are we using the term deadbeat when the largest federally funded study into the matter found they don't exist in significant numbers (you had a picture of the book)?

8. Why are we not looking at the fact that CSEA is a revenue producing entity of the state so it behooves them to make awards as high and as long as they can?

9. Why is Ohio a deadbeat state that is holding over $33,000,000 in undistributed child support that has already been paid?

10. Why, when a third of noncustodial parents reside with custodial parents, are we condoning practices that are hurting the very kids the CSEA is supposed to be helping by letting these kids watch their stepparents being taken from their home in handcuffs?

11. Why aren't we encouraging equal parenting when research has shown that involved parents support their children?

 I have lots of questions especially since I know all of these facts were laid out for Mr. Otte when he came to my home and these are the facts that sit at the heart of the problem.

Things, like I said, will get worse under the current more aggressive policies CSEA is adopting. Like I also said, you can invent 7 new ways to squeeze a turnip but you will still not get blood. Mr. Galluzo and Daufel were here when this interview took place and can attest to the fact that these issues were laid out and probably share my amazement at this being the best reporting that could be done.

Mr. Otte, when and if you reply, please "reply all" to share your feedback with everyone so that we might understand why the story was aired in the manner it was. For those that didn't see it, I'm in the process of trying to get the necessary drivers so that the captured video clip can be put on the forum. We all know when these things are fixed, the arrearage problem will take care of itself.

All I can say, Mr. Otte, is that I hope you never have to experience these things first hand. We'll certainly be in touch when things move to the legislature, or when channel 7 airs bent point of views, but will certainly proceed with caution.

Please forward this email to anyone you know in the channel 7 viewing area.

Chad Kennedy

Concerned father of three wonderful children.

For more info on father and noncustodial parent rights, check out these sites:

Dear Socrateaser / One more MOVE-AWAY question
« on: Jul 12, 2005, 08:37:21 AM »
GOAL: to have a shared parenting arrangement.

PROBLEM:  It appears that eX has moved 25 miles North to a different County.(Stark Co.)


I have been renting near where eX/son lives; a  few months ago I bought a house in the same area.

Son is now 5 yrs old.


Divorce final Nov 2002
State: OHIO    County: Tuscarawas County

eX wife= Custodial parent (Physical & Legal custody; also called residential parent)
eX wife= Lives in Bolivar (Tuscarawas Co.)
eX wife= Works part time in Canton (Stark Co.)

me= NON-Custodial parent
me= Lives in Bolivar (Tuscarawas Co.)
I have the old standard visitation:
   > Every other weekend
        > Every Tuesday from 3:00-6:00 pm
        > 4 weeks vacation

June 6, 2005 I was informed that Son would be attending Private School in Canton(Stark Co.) and not the local Kindergarten in Bolivar(Tuscarawas Co.).  I was not consulted in this matter.



** It appears that eX has moved 25 miles North to a different County.(Stark Co.)

Ex has continued to exchange son at local McDonalds.(Tuscarawas Co.)  Therefore visitation has not been disrupted.

There is a Custodial Parent Relocation form for Tuscarawas County. “Notice of Relocation “

[EM]One attorney emailed me back stating:[/EM]
I do need to point out that the custodian usually picks the school unless there is language to the contrary in your orders. There is a statute about moving,  but it really only addresses the visitation issues.


“Where the relocation distance is small, there might not even be a material change in circumstance upon which a parent could move the court to modify an existing custody and visitation order. Since typically a material change of circumstance is required before a court will modify an existing custody or visitation order, a move across town ordinarily is an insufficient basis upon which the existing order would be changed. Although the relocation may make the visitation exchange more difficult, it may remain practical to comply with the existing order, so no change would be made.”

It appears that:
1. eX can choose a school 25 miles away.
2. Court will do nothing about move away. (eX can move without consent)
3. Having a shared parenting arrangement is not possible at this time.
4. Son and Dad will NOT be able to share more time together.

** Thinking out side the box.  Is there anything that can be done to allow more Father and Son time?[/FONT]   


eX and eX’s Attorney are,,, lets say social friends.  I am sure eX’s Attorney knows about eX’s move and has advised her on how to proceed based on the fact I bought a house in the neighborhood.

So apparently eX Attorney feels that it is better for eX to say [EM]“I didn’t know I had to file”[/EM] than it was for eX to file the proper paper work in a timely fashion.

Dear Socrateaser / Move away Question
« on: Jun 20, 2005, 12:56:25 PM »
1. I bought a house near where my eX lives so I could be closer to our SON.

2. Our Son will be entering Kindergarten this fall, and my house is very close to the Elementary School. (I can ride my bike there)

3. I just found out that my eX is sending our son to a private school 30 miles north and in a different County.

4. My eX just bought a house and is moving 35 Miles north of here to a different County.

5. We were only married 4 years.  She worked full time until the divorce.  She works part time.  
I paid in Child Support

Is there anyway way to allow my son attend the public school so he can be closer to me?

Visitation Issues / Vacation Response
« on: Feb 23, 2005, 01:28:14 PM »
How would you respond to email??

I always have problems with scheduling my vacation time and how to count days of vacation.

First let me say that my Brother emails all my requests.  That way I sort of have a witness.  Also since the divorce (2000) we have been doing the exchange of our son, at McDonalds.  

Here are the last correspondences between my eX and myself concerning vacation.  The vacation is in FL where my parents “son’s Grandparents” winter for the season.

I have already bought my plane tickets and made a down payment on the motel room in FL.

According to my divorce decree I think I get 4 weeks vacation this year.


----HACKal Message-----
From: Bolivar/BROTHER
To: eX
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 1:20 PM
Cc: Bolivar
Subject: Bolivar's Vacation Schedule

Hello eX,

Bolivar's Vacation Schedule:

Bolivar will be bringing SON to visit his Grandparents and Florida;

1. Flight leaves Friday April 22

2. Returning Saturday, April 30

Bolivar would like to switch his SON’s Daycare pick up(3-6:00pm)  April 19 Tuesday to April 21 Thursday at 3:00 p.m..  This way SON can spend the night so leaving early Friday morning to catch the flight will be easer on him.



----- Response Message -----
From: eX
To: Bolivar/BROTHER
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 1:53 PM
Subject: RE: Bolivar's Vacation Schedule

Hi Bolivar/BROTHER,

Please ask Bolivar since he'll be gone over a week (and also on my normal weekend) if he wants to have SON for 2 weeks vacation instead.

Maybe we could exchange SON on Saturday 4/16 (Bolivar's normal weekend) and then again on Saturday 4/30 (Bolivar's normal weekend).

That way, Bolivar won't have to make up the time for my weekend on 4/22 - 4/24 since I'll have SON on Friday 4/15 and Saturday night 4/30.

Let me know.

Custody Issues / Denied Companionship Time
« on: May 04, 2006, 09:33:17 AM »
How would you solve this problem?:

Situation: [/u]
Father is 20yrs old
No money – he does work full time.
One child -1year 2months old
Never married
Pays Child Support
Has court ordered visitation papers.

Problem: [/u]
Mom has denied companionship time since October because she does not like dad’s friends.

My Solution: [/u]
I recommended starting with the court Mediation. Our court has a mediation section where they will draw up the papers if an agreement is reached.

One Last Note: [/u]
The father is a Good, Honest, Hard working man. However he barely has a high school degree and his reading and writing skills are poor. So the solution can not be too paper work involved.

Custody Issues / Joni
« on: Dec 06, 2004, 01:40:10 PM »

The Bolivar I am referencing is in OHIO, Tuscarawas County.

Columbiana County is N.E. of Tuscarawas.

As for you question - Why? is there a wild party I should know about? lol  ;-)  

Custody Issues / F.Y.I. -Ohio
« on: Nov 02, 2004, 06:25:50 AM »
from: OhioClassAction@yahoogroups.com

?how can we find the stats for Ohio for child custody awards in divorce?

I was able to locate a report from the US Census Bureau that provides some
nationwide stats on custody and support.  I've put a copy on my
non-custodial parent resources page.


The report shows that fathers receive custody less than 16% of the time
nationwide.  That number has been pretty constant since 1993.  So much for
gaining any ground in the last decade.

If anyone finds a link or file that they would like added to the page, let
me know.  Knowledge is power.

Jim Hardy

>>= AND =<<

?how can we find the stats for Ohio for child custody awards in divorce?

I thought that it would be easy to find the information you wanted on the
Internet but not luck yet.  I did find on article that was interesting


It gives stats on who gets custody based on what the parents want (based on data collected in Arizona.)  What I found most interesting is that men
request joint custody 74% of the time and sole custody only 15% of the time.

Mothers, on the other hand, want sole custody 70% of the time.  When the
father wanted joint custody and the mother wanted sole custody, mom won 77% of the time.

This data is over a decade old.  It's pretty sad that the stats seem to be
pretty much the same today.

Jim Hardy

Custody Issues / FleetingMoment
« on: Sep 23, 2004, 04:11:24 PM »
Damn you make me hot.  The way you structure your sentence drives me wild.

I know, I know, I dangle my participles.  Just trying to show off!!!

Ok, Ok enough of that.  You are a very ingenious poster, although I disagree with most of your positions, as far as I can tell you have not been belligerent/cantankerous/Rude. (as a note - above statements were meant/attempts at humor not demeaning in nature.)

I enjoy you ability to articulate your ideas, a skill which I desperately lack.

as mentioned before I disagree with a lot of your positions however you have not been spite full and it would be rude of me not to at least listen/entertain your ideas.
This is a FREE board to post our ideas.  I hope you continue to post.

When it comes to food I find a little Cajun spice does wonders, same goes for boards. :-)

P.S. Teacher those spit balls were shot by Kitty C. not me.  She’s always blaming me.  I think she needs a time out.

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