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I used to live in San Francisco as a non-custodial parent. I was in and out of court for most of my son's life trying to get joint custody, but had to settle for visitation of my 10 year old son. We went through mediation and successfully formed a mutually agreed parenting plan. My son stayed for half the week with me (I lived on the door step of his school) until I had to relocate for work to Nevada. I maintained daily phone calls and visited him for his birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc, etc. His mother was getting ready to relocate to NV (to live in her own house and to let me have more time with my son) and had gained employment as a teacher there. Unfortunately, she changed her mind before moving and decided to get problematic. A few months after that I had to return to the UK to see my father for 2 weeks before he passed away and ended up with an immigration restriction and have not been able to return to USA since. My son's mother has since made her whereabouts unknown and through the services of a private investigator, I have just managed to find my son's address.
The Private Investigator was not the cheapest in time, (but has delivered excellent results), and subsequently I am in need of guidance to be able to file a motion for Virtual Visitation (UK to USA) and I don't know how to proceed. (At the present moment it will not be possible for paid legal services, but I have missed my son's birthdays for the last 2 years and I don't want to make it a 3rd year). I would be eternally grateful for any assistance or being pointed in the right direction in this urgent matter. many thanks...

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