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Father's Issues / Is this possible??
« on: May 28, 2011, 10:03:35 PM »
I have just talked to my ex's mother, not by her choice but I ran into her and cornered her about my son's whereabouts, he was taken a few months ago by his BM out of the US. I asked her how his BM did this legally since I did not give permission and the grandmother told me that since I was behind on child support at the time, that the mother went to the court and they gave her permission to go anywhere she wanted without me even being notified. My child support is current now and has been for several months. I was just behind for a few months at the end of the year because of the economy and lack of work.
Could she really have done that without notifiying me at all? Why would I not have been served with something?
What kind of recourse is there, if any?
I feel like I keep getting railroaded when all I want is to see my son.
I am not trying to force my ex to come back here, nor am I trying to take my son from her, I just want to make contact with him and have regular visitation with him. I want to know that he is ok and I want him to know that I am not giving up on him or our relationship and that I am always going to be here for him no matter where she takes him off to.
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through and I just feel lost.

BM took off with our son in January and moved 4000 miles away without telling me anything.  We don't have a visitation order in place but are currently working on one, but attorney says they have to have an address to serve her at and I have no info on her.  I had to request school recrods from the school to find out where he was transferred to, this school immediatley sent them to me.  Then I sent them to his new school back in February, but I am getting no where! I have made several phone calls to the school and sent several emails but they will not return any of them.  Even went to the superintentdent.  Finally this week i received a copy of his report card that was completely whited out.  They withheld all of his information and did not send me anything else.  I have again sent another request asking for ALL of his file, with nothing whited out but they ignoring me again.  What can I do at this point?  I have to have an address of place of employment or something to have her served.  I think she is trying to with hold him to try and terminate my rights, because she has threatened that in the past.  I am spinning my wheels but noone wants to help anywhere.  Her family is totally useless, they are protecting her also.  But why is the school up there doing this to me when they are going against a federal law?

Visitation Issues / Very confused about where to start??
« on: Mar 19, 2011, 01:15:13 PM »
Here is my situation: (with all my stupid mistakes included)

First I had a child with a gf that I had not been with for very long.  While she was pregnant we split serveral times.  Her family wants us together worse than she wants us together. I didn't want us to be together but went back for my childs sake but that only lasted off and on for about 2 yrs.  Since then I have moved on and so has the BM. I married a girl who also we later found out happens to be my fifth cousin (very distant as you can see) and we have two children together. BM has a live in boyfriend that she has recently had a child with. We have never had a visitation arrangement set up.  I seen my son regularly until BM realized that I had remarried and then the claws came out and she would not let me see him anymore. Her mother would still sneak him to me regularly. Then back about 6 months ago BM and her bf got back together and then even those visits stopped.  My child is very verbal about wanting to spend time with me, but she says she will not have him being around me and "my cousin." She has recently moved and I used the forms on this site to access his school records where he was attending and the transfer form so I could find out where he had moved to.  The school was very helpful and I learned he had moved 4000 miles away. BM works as a tech in the hospital and is doing a traveling job, so she is moving him around the country and he was already failing in school. (Makes me Angry!!)
The new school he moved to had been sent the request forms several times and have still not even received an acknowlegment that they have them.???? Don't know why and can't get anyone to give me an answer, just that they will check into it and call me back.(over and over) I don't even have a number to call to get him until someone gives me the info from that school.  The only number I had for him (a home phone) has been disconnected. They still own their house here (it just sits empty) and I am sure they will return to it as soon as this traveling job ends.

All of his BMs family is here and all of my family is here. I just want to know what the odds are that I can get him. I want him to have stability and to get caught up with his schooling. According to the records the school wanted to hold him back but BM refused and sent him on even though he was failing everything!

I just don't know where to even start. Should Ijust try to get a visitation schedule that is written out through the court or should I try to get custody? What do I need to do if the school keeps ignoring my request. (they have had it for a month now) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   

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