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Custody Issues / Result of Hearing
« on: Nov 19, 2012, 09:37:17 PM »
Hello!  There was no final judgment done  on my case but a minor's counsel was ordered.  Baby daddy was ordered again to find a job as the judge said,"You have been looking for a job for a very long time."  Judge also ordered to remove our child from  Medi-cal and continue to utilize the private insurance I have for her,  which was a very good news for me because our daughter will now avail of the various benefits catered for her autism.  Minor counsel will also investigate his living condition including his 18 year old daughter still sleeping in the same bed with him.  It was a major concern for the judge, he said this should been reported to CPS.....(i didn't know it was that severe). 

So far, this was an experience and hoping members here will learn something.  We will again appear in court in January.

I am very relieved that the judge did not order any child support and I have a positive view about next hearing that I will be granted with more days so I can bring her to the autism programs.

Thank you to those who advised me to ask for a court order for the dad to provide  a separate bed or room for my daughter. 

Custody Issues / It's a good news so far.
« on: Oct 22, 2012, 09:26:17 PM »
Today was my child support hearing that the BD filed.  Everything turned out so well.  My lawyer's request for continuance to the upcoming child support hearing in a month was granted. 

I think I have a good chance to get more time with my daughter.  i have all the declarations and proofs how he manifested uncooperativeness and manipulation of the school system and yet, never applied for a job when the CO in April told him to do so. 

One question that he did last week, he cancelled our daughter's Occupational therapy appointment and left me a message saying,"I cancelled the appointment bec. of the court hearings we have".  I have his voicemail recorded in my phone.  Again,  I could have taken our daughter instead.  His reason was shallow obviously and this is just one example of who am I dealing with, all the time.  I stopped arguing with him bec it'll only make it worse.  I will wait for our child custody hearing.  Is this a good proof of his uncooperativeness as a parent? 

Dear Socrateaser / Question on mediation
« on: Oct 03, 2012, 03:54:30 PM »
So I have received a note form my lawyer saying that he's waiting for the court's response with the required mediation date before he can submit my Request for Orders.  Do you have any idea how many weeks or months for this mediation date to process?  I am in California.  I am very anxious.  Since the baby daddy filed for child support with the CSSD when he got denied during the first hearing we got in April, my lawyer said he will likely ask for the continuance so that the child support issue can be settled concurrently with the child custody and visitation issue.  Basing on your experience, what can likely to  happen?  Do you think I will be ordered to pay for child support even before the child custody hearing? 

My exboyfriend whom we have a 4 year old is running a child care business in his apartment and it is unlicensed.  The court ordered him to have it registered in April and the judge gave him six months, which will be October, or find a full time job.  Up to this time, he is still running it, taking care of 4-5 children without liability insurance or probably the apartment manager knows but is just allowing it until something happens. 

What is the liability of the apartment manager regarding this?  How can I make a report on this as well? 

Dear Socrateaser / OPINIONS NEEDED
« on: Sep 06, 2012, 08:43:39 PM »
Here we go.  My situation and court order in April, my ex has our daughter on school days and I have her every other weekend.  This becomes the opposite on summer.  We have joint legal custody.  She attends school 24 miles away from me.  She's 4, has mild autism and in a special ed class.  We are in CA. 

Now this AM, I went to school and gave my daughter kisses and hugs before her school started and I left for work.  Half an hour later, I received a text from him stating I am not supposed to be there and he will instruct the school to kick me out when I go.  I responded to his immaturity that unless a court order will tell me that I am not allowed to go and see her in school, I will be there whenever I can.  Since school started, he never returned my call for me to speak with our daughter, he said I would have to wait until my weekend to come. This is his game ever since.  He is a sociopath.  Extremely manipulative.  He continued his rants thru texts and I never responded.  I know he's not making any sense and I know my rights. 

When our daughter started school in March of this year, he informed me he included me in the paperwork for school.  He did not even informed me of the parents orientation and good thing I called.  He was very mad when I was there that day, gave the school district a copy of the court order that we have joint legal custody and I needed to be updated with all things from now on.  in her paperwork at school, I discovered that he wrote down: Mother's address:  "don't know".  Mother's phone number: "none".  Anyhow, I straightened this up and gave them my whole info.  Is this a form of parental alienation?  If so or not,  how should I handle this situation?  i have a lawyer and I am just waiting for him to gather everything up and file.  But I wanna know more about this through all the experiences of forum members here.

Baby daddy still does this practice with his 18 year old daughter.  Now it freaks me out that it will also happen to our daughter, 4 especially she has mild autism and cannot really relate anything but sees everything as 'normal'.  He is african american descent so i really have to know if this is culturally-related.

I have so many worries since he has primary custody.  I have her every other weekend, extended from friday evening to Monday AM and all summer, she's with me.  I do not wanna suspect anything but i have seen he grooms more of his 'girls' children more than the boys.  It is weird and bothers me since the CO was made in April.

Suggestions and advice are needed on this issue.  Pending court hearing....

Parenting Issues / Is this a type of Parental Alienation?
« on: Sep 04, 2012, 11:53:10 PM »
 I discovered that the father of my child did not include my address and phone number in our daughter's school paper.  He wrote down, "don't know" on my address and "none"  on my phone  number.  We have joint legal custody.  My question is, is this some form of parental alienation?  And now that he has her most of the time during school days, I know I will have less chance of talking to her as well.  He already warned me about this how he will do the same thing.  He was building a case by which I NEVER denied him from speaking to our daughter, 4, with a mild autism.  He manifests sociopath syndrome and he will exploit, lie and will keep lying about things for his own benefits. 

Moms Without Custody / We have joint legal custody but....
« on: Sep 03, 2012, 12:50:55 PM »
Here's my case.  We have joint legal custody, I have her the whole summer and he has her during school days while I get her every other weekend from Friday evening to Monday AM.  Now during our court hearing in April, he was able to lie a lot.  That time, we both didn't have lawyers.  So the judge favored him for not transferring our daughter who has mild autism to my area.  He babysits for a living, refuses to find a full time job, owes child support of $50,000 from other kids.  He has 6 kids from 6 different mothers.  He now then filed for child support, pending at this time, by which I hired a lawyer.  and lately, HE FILED FOR SSDI AND MEDI-CAL for our daughter.  My lawyer wrote him a letter that I will be forced to do judicial intervention but he never listened.  In his  mind, he does believe he has sole legal custody.  BTW, HE IS A SOCIOPATH. 

With what he applied for SSDI and medi-cal, lying about the other parent's existence(that's me), what are the consequences of his actions?  Anyone who has he same experience as mine?  When in comes to the benefits he applied for without my consent?  I do have a lawyer but I wanna hear other's experiences. 

THANK U for all your help folks!!

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